December 27, 2013

Say Yes (Something More Book Two) by Tara West

Christina has not had the best childhood. Having been raped by her father and betrayed by her mother, she's convinced that starting a family of her own would be a disaster. So, simply, she's decided not to. Here's the catch--though she doesn't want her own kids, she loves her godson more than anything--something Andres (her boyfriend) just doesn't get (things are a bit sketch bc the father of her godson happens to be her ex-fiance). So when Andres starts to hint at wanting to get married and start a family, it's time to freak out, freeze up and not know what to do! So Andres takes action and, against his heart's feelings, walks out on her--what's he doing if they don't want the same things in life? Christina, not a stranger to betrayal, takes Andres' break-up as another one of the crappy cards she's been dealt in life. Then things start to get better (or stranger?) when a stranger pops up into her life claiming to be her biological mother. With nothing left to lose, Christina jumps into her car and goes to meet and spend some time with her "new family". Will this experience change her for the better? Read to find out :)

Definitely one of the better books I've read in the last few much so, I stayed up until 4am because I just had to finish it! I'm paying for that dearly now and I'm sure I will be pretty damned tired around 6pm tonight lol. Andres and Christina have a really intense, passionate affair going on. They may be a new relationship but it is not a light one. Christina and Andres both have their insecurities that come into play big time during the novel. It actually derails their relationship for a bit. The lessons they learn as the story progresses brings them back together but not until after you get quite a few heart-aching moments. I'm not going to lie--I shed a few tears here and there! The characters were well developed and the story is pretty meaty. I'm off to find the other two books in this series now!

Kindle, Nook and Kobo editions of Say Yes are available for purchase at their respective e-tailers! 

December 25, 2013

Yank by Selena Kitt

I don't normally mind erotica/new adult. In fact, I usually like it. I felt, though, that this was very little story with a whole lot of literary porn (yes, I realize that's what erotica is). Just didn't really love this one and I tend to enjoy erotica/new adult novels. Right from the get-go, we're launched into David wanking off to his porn collection. In what feels like 2 seconds later, he's passing second base with the foreign exchange student he's always viewed as an annoying older sister (and also lives with his family!). David and Dawn start off rounding second base, quickly onto third and by a quarter of the book they've hit the ball out of the park. Then you throw in a couple of extra characters and there's interchanging of partners. There was very little story and little to no character development. There was just sex. A whole lot of sex. It was a setting change, sex, different location, sex, different time of day, sex. It got a bit tiring with all the sex scenes (did I just say that aloud!!?). I guess I just prefer a bit more story! Wasn't horrible, I got a bit bored at times and the ending was really sudden and, to me, ridiculous. Guess it just wasn't my cup o' tea...

You can purchase the Kindle version of Yank on!

December 24, 2013

Love Overdue by Pamela Morsi

Dorothy Jarrow or DJ is your proper, preppy librarian trying to keep her past in her past. With no family or ties, she moves to a small town in Kansas hoping to finally lay some roots. As happy as she is to be in a new time, she's faced with disgruntled employees at work and her landlady who seems to overstep boundaries with no hesitation. To make things worse, she runs into the one thing she's running away from--the mistake she made that one time in San Padre...

Love Overdue was a nice story. Not only did it touch on new, undeveloped love but the secondary focus was on true, partners-for-life kind of love and its effects. The kind of love that most of us search for in life where one cannot bear to live on past the passing of one's soulmate. I thought that was nice for added depth to your, otherwise, typical romance. I didn't like how the novel ended, though. I felt like there was more that could have gone from the point when Scott finally realizes who DJ is. I didn't love how it went from "epiphany" to "eight years later". It felt unrefined and super rushed with that ending...

You can purchase Kindle or Kobo editions online or find Love Overdue at your local bookstore!

December 17, 2013

All Fired Up by Kate Meader

Cara DeLuca is from your stereotypical Italian breeding where life revolves around food and family. These are two things that Cara has never felt comfortable with. Shane Doyle is a self-made pastry chef from a rough upbringing. The two are so completely different and, yet, after a drunken night in Vegas end up together...MARRIED. Oops! Having skipped over the whole dating thing, Cara and Shane find themselves getting to know each other while trying to keep their secret marriage under wraps from their family and friends (all while trying to annul the nuptials!). The more time they spend together the more irresistible they become to each other. Could there be some merit to their impulsive, out-of-character actions?

The great thing about having a stack of books to get through is that you forget what each book is about. I also make it a policy not to read the backs of books before I pick it up--if it ended up on my "to read" pile, it got there for a reason. And, mannnn, did this book start off with a couple of big detonations. The book starts off with what you think it was just a one night stand, but, BAM, Bomb #1: by the end of the chapter you find out that there was an alcohol-induced elopement. And, as if that weren't excitement enough, by the second chapter, BOOM, you get Bomb #2: Shane is Jack's half-brother. In the first two chapters you've got two huge storylines started. Kate does not disappoint. There's such development with the characters that you really get to the point where you feel their pain with them. She really digs in with the themes of mental illness and abusive behaviour on a few different levels. It made the book a bit more than your average love story. A thoroughly enjoyable read. It was a slow, sexy read (definitely digging the boots and the Stetson!!). I think it would have been a lot of fun if Jack knew all along that Shane was his brother but that's just asking for too much drama, right?

The Kindle and Nook versions of All Fired Up are available for purchase!

December 11, 2013

Switched by Cassie Mae

What a concept. Kayla is in love with her best friend's boyfriend--Talon. Wesley, is in love with HIS best friend's girlfriend--Reagan. Talon and Reagan have no clue what's going on...Kayla and Wesley come up with a devious plan to break up the couple so that Kayla and Wesley can end up with the objects of their obessions...easy, peasy, cheesy, right?

Is there such thing as a love quadrilateral? I guess there is now!! Oh what fun and drama goes on between the four of these friends!! Kayla has been the quiet bystander to her best friend for her entire life. She's picked NOW to change that. By devising a plan with Wesley (who's in love with Reagan), she expects everything to fall into place and everyone to have their happily ever after. Selfish, I know...and these things never work out like you expect! Anyways...the more time she spends executing this master plan, the more she's running to Wesley. The more time she's spending with Wesley, the more she's noticing little things about him that he's never noticed before. Things that are less platonic and more...*gasp* romantic?  No way. Shake those thoughts off and refocus!! I love Cassie's novels and this one was no disappointment. The characters are hilarious and loveable and her  style of writing is just so easy to get into. I gave this one a go on my long-haul flight and finished it in one go. I loved the ending. You sort of expect a certain "switch" but the ending gives "Switched" a big *kabam*!

You can purchase the Kindle and Nook versions of Switched on Amazon and B&N!

Please excuse my absence but...

So I've been a complete write-off as of lately, I do apologize. Between getting unexpectedly crazy at work and then dealing with DD getting sick (who, in turn, got both DH and I sick) and getting ready to pack up for two months, I've really been neglecting this blog and my reading piles!!

Anyways...I'm now on the otherside of the world, blogging today from my balcony in paradise! The weather is fabulous, so, to me , much too hot lol. I was lucky enough to be able to leave DD with my mum and take a mini-vacation with my cousin.

I'm a self-proclaimed world-traveller. I am no stranger to strange lands. I have been well-travelled since I was a young adult and have seen many parts of this world. To this day, though, it never ceases to amaze me how different things are a plane ride away. From food to culture to climate, it's like you step onto a plane on one planet and then step off on another. I truly am blessed to be fortunate enough to experience these different places.

November 24, 2013

The Marriage Trap by Jennifer Probst

Michael Conte is a successful businessman who's heading up his family's bakery expansion in New York City. He promised his father on his deathbed that he would take care of his mother and three sisters and ensure that the family business succeeds. He's given up his own dreams and has dedicated his time and efforts to keep up his end of the bargain but at the cost of his own happiness.

Maggie Ryan is sick of seeing Michael Conte hanging around her only family--her brother and sister-in-law/best friend. She's convinced that he's trying to weasel his way into their relationship and will do anything in her power to make sure he doesn't. Michael's proposition to play his fake-wife for seven days seems to be a small price to pay in exchange for him to leave her family alone forever. Maggie can't stand Michael so these seven days should be easy-peasy-cheesy, right?

This is the second book I've read in the Married to a Billionaire series by Jennifer Probst and I can say, without a doubt, that you won't be disappointed by these novels. Right off the bat, you're thrown into the story and the plot thickens quite quickly. The characters are so richly developed that you really feel connected to them and you can feel the chemistry between them. Maggie and Michael are from two very different backgrounds so to see them find that their underlying values are similar is heart-warming. Happy endings do exist, even if we can't all meet our hot, broody billionaires ;)

You can purchase Kindle version of The Marriage Trap on!

November 17, 2013

Yours to Keep by Serena Bell

We're all so absorbed in our daily lives that we take certain things for granted. Thzis novel touches on one of those things. Ana Tavares immigrated to the US at the age of two with her family. Her father abandonned them; her mother passed away and her US Visa expired. She's been living as an illegal immigrant for the past 20 years with her siblings. She's been working as a Spanish tutor, supporting her family as best she can. Living in constant fear of being found out and deported back to her homeland of Dominican Republic, Ana takes very little risks in her lives. Chance leads her to Ethan Hansen and his son when she lands a tutoring gig. 

Ethan is a successful pediatrician and widower. He's been barely living, just going through the motions, disconnecting from the rest of the world. When he bumps into Ana and saves her from a harrowing situation, his life is thrown into a whirlwind. The pair fall into a passionate love affair only to be met with the wee little problem that she may be deported if immigration ever found her...find out what happens to the lovers as they seek a way keep their relationship from being torn apart!

Serena Bell finds a great balance between exploring the immigration issue that the Tavares family faces and the intensity of emotions and physical attraction between Ethan and Ana. There's just enough of both to allow the reader to connect to the characters and their stories. The whole immigration issue in this novel is not something that is often spoken about so it really sets this book apart from your typical romance. It also brings it down to earth a bit--adds an element of reality. It's nice to see that two people from different worlds can find a way to be together despite all the obstacles in their way.

You can purchase the Kindle version of Yours to Keep on!

Yours to Keep

November 12, 2013

Cover Reveal: Star-Crossed by Luna Lacour



It started with a game - seduce the new teacher.

Eighteen-year-old Kaitlyn Laurent is living the American Dream. Born into a wealthy, socialite family with more opulent surroundings and material things than any girl could even fathom, Kaitlyn is the fresh, young face amidst a sea of morally-amiss Manhattan Debutantes. She is educated, poised, and on the outside - entirely virtuous. Her life, in short, is perfect.

Or so it would seem.

Inside the walls of her Upper East Side mansion, Kaitlyn is struggling. After her parents' divorce and her father's remarriage to a beautiful but otherwise utterly vapid woman, Kaitlyn quickly finds herself living in a realm of self-created fantasy, completely detached and entirely clashing with her new family – particularly, her classmate-turned-stepbrother, Marius. Arrogant and with a penchant for playing games, he is intrigued and infatuated by Kaitlyn's faux-chaste outer facade that she uses to cover an otherwise calloused heart.

When the two of them enter into into their final semester at Trinity Prep, and the buzz around campus is that a gorgeous new teacher has set foot in the classroom, Marius makes Kaitlyn a bet: seduce the man who is now her Literature teacher.

If she wins, she gets his trust fund. Money that she can use to finally escape a life that she has come to loathe.

If Marius wins...he gets her virginity.

When an initial spark turns into full-blown obsession, and her affections are inevitably returned – Kaitlyn learns that there are no actions without consequence, and some affairs are simply star-crossed.

Release Date: January 2014

Check out the Dream Cast of Star-Crossed!

About the Author:
I'm a reader, lover of coffee and all things comical, and the author of STAR-CROSSED (January 2014).

You can follow Luna:
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November 3, 2013

Escaping Reality by Lisa Renee Jones

Let me start off by saying...OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE I WAITED SO LONG TO READ THIS!!! Alright, now that that is out of the way...I can start.

This book starts off with Amy having to flee New York City and assume a new identity. This is, apparently, nothing new for Amy. Starting fresh, her mysterious handler has her set up her new life in Denver, Colorado. On that fateful night, she meets Liam Stone. Sparks FLY from the second they make eye contact at the airport and only get more severe and passionate during their plane ride. Doesn't help that he also follows her to her new apartment (really, what kind of person does that with a complete stranger? WEIRD. Anyways, the more time they spend together, the more in love Amy falls with Liam. Is she getting too comfortable for her own good? She's lived most of her adult life not being able to trust anyone...can she really think about falling in love and establishing connections?

The secondary plot is all about Amy and her trying to uncover why she's been relocated to Denver. She, clearly, fully trusts this guy she refers to as her handler. All she seems to know about him is that he's saved her once and he has a distinguishable tattoo on his wrist. As she spends her days in Denver working her cover job, she's finding things more and more mysterious. She starts doing something she's been afraid to in the past--uncover some truths. The more she uncovers, the more puzzled she gets...and the more puzzled YOU will get. What an ending to this novel.  If you like cliffhangers (I hate them), then you'll love how this novel ends...

So, I started off by saying that I can't believe I waited so long to read this book but DAMN, I'm so glad I waited because the second and final book in this series is coming out in about a week!!! 

You can purchase the Kindle or Paperback version of Escaping Reality at!

October 27, 2013

Sia by Josh Grayson

Sia Holloway wakes up on a park bench completely clueless as to who she is and what she's doing there. After a  few days living as a homeless person and a chain of events, Sia is thrown back into the world she once existed in--only, she still hasn't gotten her memory back. With her new perspective and experiences but otherwise a blank slate, Sia tries to ease back into her life only to realize she hates who she once was known to be (she was the leader of the "mean girls" at her school). Of course, along the way, she tries to mend ties with a certain boy. Someone she really likes now. Someone she used to torment and possibly hates her. Can Kyle learn to forgive Sia for everything she's done in the past? Can people really change? Will Sia's memory come back and destroy everything she's working so hard to change in her life? This novel follows Sia in her journey to reclaim her life and try to change it for the better. 

The first few chapters of the novel really threw me a curve ball. I was not sure what I was getting myself into. There was a girl who woke up on a park bench with no memory. From there, she learns the ropes to life on the street. At that point, I really didn't know what to expect. The twist in the plot where Sia is pulled back into her old life by chance came just at the right time. I was just at the point of being bored of reading about a girl learning to live the homeless life lol. This was not my usual cup of tea (full of hot, steamy romance) but had just enough between Kyle and Sia. It was nice novel, it was different (a good kind of different, that is).

The Kindle version of Sia will be available for purchase November 20!

October 25, 2013

Heartbreak Ranch by Anastasia Ryan

Graysen Beaufort is stuck vacationing at a ranch with her family for two weeks. She's convinced she's going to be bored out of her mind for the duration. But, of course, there she meets Colt McCord--the handsome horse trainer at the ranch. Will she take a chance on Colt with only two weeks with him?

First things first...who doesn't love cowboys? Not sure what it is about them but they're hella sexy... Anyways...the instant attraction between Graysen and Colt is intense. It's the type of attraction one finds in the movies. It's hot, it's heavy and it's devastating. I love the level of intensity between the two. The conflict with Graysen's family grated my nerves at times but who wants anything interrupting two lovers? Definitely a great debut novel!

You can purchase the Kindle version of Heartbreak Ranch on!

October 15, 2013

Heartbreak Ranch Book Blitz!

What more than you need than a hot cowboy + love? Ummm...nothing! You can get your fill of cowboy and love when you get your hands on Anastasia Ryan's Heartbreak Ranch--out today! Watch out for my review coming to phishbowl's bookshelf soon :)

But for now, and just to get you all excited, here's a blurb to tide you over:

Recent college graduate, Graysen Beaufort, resigns herself to two weeks of boredom at a dude ranch honoring her parents’ wishes for one last family vacation.

She doesn't plan on meeting Colt McCord, an irresistible cowboy who threatens to bring disorder to Graysen's ordinarily ordered life.

Dodging an overprotective family, an unwelcome suitor, and certain heartbreak, Graysen struggles to break free of her limitations and submit her heart to Colt’s love. But learning to let go isn't easy, even with a man like Colt.

Colt McCord, White Pine Ranch’s head horse trainer, loves the busy, back-breaking work of a cattle ranch.

But when he meets a beautiful and spirited woman from Iowa, she makes him forget everything he'd known before, and he risks everything to be with her.

Colt is accustomed to breaking horses, but can he tame Graysen’s wild heart before it is too late?

The Kindle and Nook editions of Heartbreak Ranch are now available for purchase!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *

About the Author

Anastasia Ryan is a native New Yorker, but lives in Iowa with her family. She loves the beautiful chaos of raising six children. She is her husband’s girlfriend, but is also quite smitten with the written word. As the daughter of teachers, she has had a love of both great literature and writing in her blood since she was a baby. At a very early age, you would have found her perched on her father’s lap as he typed out his Master’s thesis for English. She is addicted to great books she can get lost in, finds cooking relaxing, is a sometimes web geek, and loves spending time with family and friends. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in Creative Writing.
Author Links:
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October 14, 2013

Forever Innocent by Deanna Roy

Corabelle Rotheford thought she was starting her life again at UC San Diego. No one around knows a thing about her past--a perfect blank slate. That is, until her ex, Gavin Mays, shows up in her astronomy class. Can she keep her past in the past or will her ex dredge up all that she's tried so hard to conceal?

Gavin can't believe that he's run into his ex at UCSD of all places. Having run off on Corabelle at the worst possible time a few years back, he believes that fate has given him a second chance to right his wrongs. Can he make Corabelle see that he wants to make things right or did he leave things irreparable?

I'm not sure if it's because of the heavy themes in this book or perhaps the way it was written but I found hard to get through. It took me a while to get through, slow at times and it didn't quite capture my interest. I felt that the story was stretched out too long and by the end of the novel, I was tired of reading the same things that were constantly being brought up. I felt like I was reading a bit about the present, then a flashback--each time, a new little bit of information was brought forward, back to the present, another flashback, etc., etc., etc...trailed on for a bit. I think I would have liked to have had the history up front and then see more focus on the present interactions between Corabelle and Gavin. I get that their past is what makes them who they are now but there may have been a bit too much for my liking.

You can purchase the Kindle version of Forever Innocent at!

October 1, 2013

Back to School Blog Tour: Part II

Hope you checked out Part I of today's double header. If you haven't yet, you should definitely do so after (or maybe first!) :)

Now, for a short interview with Cassie may remember her as the author of Friday Night Alibi and, most recently, How to Date a Nerd. Both are out and available now so you have no excuse not to read them! we go!

How to Date a Nerd is now available for Kindle and Nook!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *

Hi Cassie (can we call you Cass?), so nice of you to agree to talk to me today and answer a few inane questions that you’ve probably already answered a million times! So let’s get started with the basics, anything you want to share and/or disclose with us before we delve into some questions?
I’m half asleep…so I’m not responsible for any of my ramblings! 

And yes, call me whatever you want.

Sexy Beast is totally okay, too ;) 

Herrreeee we go! If one song could describe you, what would it be? If you can’t describe yourself in one song, do you have a soundtrack to your life?
Baby Got Back

What would you say is the nerdiest thing about yourself? Ever hide that about yourself?
My Harry Potter closet (conveniently under my stairs.) And no, don’t hide it. I brag about it as often as I can, lol.

Have you ever found yourself in Zoe’s shoes? Did you have a period of “hiding” yourself until you became comfortable being in your own skin?
All the time. Sometimes I wonder if my opinions or feedback in certain things are stupid. Sometimes I have a hard time letting go without worrying what people will think. It happens to all of us, I think… and it’s a daily challenge to be comfortable in your own skin. But it’s possible. Some days are definitely better than others…you just have to get to the point where the good days outnumber the bad :)

There are a lot of one-off facts in your book. Awesome facts that made me smile, I might add! Did you have to do a lot of research for your “nerdy” references or was it all knowledge already in your head?
Most was already up there…but I did double-check a lot because I know people and their nerd knowledge! If I don’t get it right…well, I don’t want to deal with that wrath ;) LOL

X-Men seems to be a big thing for you—any reason? Who’s your favourite X-Men and why?
LOL, I get this question a lot. Havok is my fave because he’s hot in the movie, but also because I love the episodes he’s in. I can’t wait to see him in more movies. 

And Gambit is a VERY close second. 

And X-Men is big for me for the same reason it was big for Zoe in the book. I’ll grab the excerpt here…

I shake my head clear and stare at the book. It’s dark with the flashlight now being run around my back, but I’ve memorized the picture. Why do I like this? 

“’Cause it’s frakking awesome.”

He chuckles. “Why?”


“Humor me.”

Gosh, I’d do anything for him right now. Even talk nerd with him.

“I dunno. I guess ’cause they are all totally hated for being different and still they fight to save the people who hate them, and that’s pretty heroic.” I pause before adding, “And they are all super badass!”

Now, I’ve got a very important question for you…Star Wars or Star Trek? Answer wisely as this may be the deciding factor of how cool you are ;)
Star Wars. Definitely Star Wars.

Good answer. We can be friends, still. lol. Lastly, and most importantly, I need to know…what did you drink the most of while you were writing How to Date a Nerd? 
Mountain Dew

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today, Cassie…can’t wait for Switched coming out later on this year!!

Me too! And thanks so much!!!

Back to School Blog Tour: Part I

So we're a month into the new school year and who isn't excited that the kiddies are back to school!? To celebrate this wonderful time of year, I'm hosting a double header today--a review for Linda Budzinski's The Funeral Singer as well as short interview with Cassie Mae (author of How to Date a Nerd) for their BTS Blog Tour! 

So, without further ado...onto Part I of the BTSBT:

Let's start off with a bit about Linda Budzinski's The Funeral Singer with a blurb from her publisher Swoon Romance:

Being a funeral singer was a dead-end job until it led her to him ...

Seventeen-year-old Melanie Martin has witnessed her share of lame eulogies and uninspired epitaphs while singing part-time at her dad's funeral home. She's determined to be more than a funeral singer, more than just someone's "beloved wife" or "loving mother." 

When Mel's impromptu rendition of "Amazing Grace" at a local rock star's graveside service goes viral on YouTube, she becomes an Internet sensation, gains thousands of fans and followers, and snags a hot rock star boyfriend--Zed Logan, bass player for The Grime. 

But instant fame isn’t easy—and neither is love. Especially when Mel realizes she’s falling for another guy—one who may just want her heart more than her voice…

*     *     *     *     *     *     *

So I can't write up a better summary than that so I'll just leave it as is ;) Melanie lands everything she dreams of--or so she thinks. She goes from freak-funeral-home-girl to rock-stardom--that's all one can ask for, right? Well...then things get messy. Who doesn't love a novel full of teen angst and confusion? This book totally held my interest because of the odd nature of it--ummm, funeral home...dead people? Not your average setting! Definitely not a hard book to get through. There's just enough romance in there to cause some pitter-patter in your heart!

Sidenote: I thought Zed to be a sketchbag from the first page he appeared--CALLED IT!!!

The Kindle edition of The Funeral Singer is available for purchase on!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *

About the Author

Linda Acorn Budzinski decided in the second grade that she wanted to be a “Paperback Writer,” just like in the Beatles song. She majored in journalism in college and now works in marketing and communications. She spent 18 years at a trade association in the funeral service industry, where she discovered that funeral directors are some of the bravest and most compassionate people on earth. Linda lives in Northern Virginia with her husband, Joe, and their chihuahua, Demitria. She has two step-daughters, Eris and Sarah. THE FUNERAL SINGER is her debut novel. She is represented by Andrea Somberg of Harvey Klinger Inc.

You can follow Linda on Twitter, Facebook, and on her Blog

September 19, 2013

All of You by Christina Lee

Avery has perfected the art of the one-night-stand. She's got her tactics and they work just fine for her. That is, until Bennett comes along. Bennet was the hot-boy she eyed at a frat party...seemingly, the only guy who did not seem at all interested in her. WTF? She can't figure it out...until she finds out that he's the anti-Avery--he's all about commitment and REAL relationships. 

Bennett is super-attracted to Avery. She's hot, she's got this dangerous edge to her...yet, she's everything he doesn't want. Even still, he can't seem to stop thinking about her. She's completely consumed his thoughts day and night plus their paths keep crossing. But she's all for one-night-stands--so this could never work, right?

Avery and Bennett are both products of their sordid pasts--single moms who made one bad decision after another. They've both taken it upon themselves to care for their younger siblings. They are both  also skeptics of love...can they prove each other wrong?

Fantastic novel. It's emotional, it's heart-wrenching, it's sexy. The characters are captivating, the intense chemistry between Avery and Bennett is hot. Bennett is the perfect guy--he's got stand-up morals which compliments his hot-boy-tattoo-artist side...I think I want him for myself ;)

You can purchase the Kindle edition of All of You at or the Nook edition at!

September 17, 2013

Unspoken by Jen Frederick

"You show a woman you love her by what you do for her, from opening her door to making sure that bumps in the road of life are smoothed out. That she wants and worries for nothing...That every day you remind her that she's the first thought in your mind when you wake up and the last thought before you drop off to sleep." 

AM made some mistakes in her freshman year at Central College. She partied a little too hard and crossed paths with the wrong guys. She's avoided campus since the rumours started flying and hasn't been back (outside of class) since. AM meets Bo in biology class and is finding his off-beat charm a little hard to resist. Things don't get easier for her when Bo volunteers himself as her lab partner for the year. Bo is an underground fighter with daddy-problems. He finds AM very intriguing as she's quiet, keeps to herself and isn't quite like the girls he usually associates with. We watch this unlikely pair get together and and see their romance blossom in Unspoken.

I appreciated that the author took her time to develop these characters. You don't find much depth in a lot of characters these days, but you definitely do with AM and Bo. Even smaller supporting characters have a bit of substance to them, which is nice. Also, unlike your typical romance where guy and girl meet, fall in love and live happily ever after, we get a little bit more of AM and Bo's story after they overcome some roadblocks and end up together. 

If you don't like fighting, this book isn't for you--it's got quite a few scenes of ruthless violence. For those of you who enjoy it--there are even a few references to the UFC thrown in! 

Good read, in general with a bit of spice when AM and Bo get a little hot'n'heavy ;)

Purchase the Kindle edition of Unspoken on!

September 9, 2013

How to Date a Nerd by Cassie Mae

Zoe is a closet nerd trying to keep her real self from coming out so she can maintain popularity, and, off the bullying radar. Having had enough of being tormented in middle school, she gave herself a makeover and stuffed her old self behind some roll-y shelves.

Zak is Zoe's neighbour, King Nerd and the object of Zoe's obsession. Unlike Zoe, he has no interest in pleasing others and is completely comfortable with being a "loser". He knows the old Zoe and can't wait for her to return...but is he waiting for something that will never happen or will he be rewarded for his patience and insight?

I hated high school. This book reminds me of precisely why I did. The existence of labels, cliques, and just plain mean people made and continue to make school a horrid place to be. Though I don't blame Zoe for wanting to fit in, I hate her for humiliating Zak in order to "stay on top" of the food chain. That hatred extends towards and is more amplified with the people Zoe considers her friends--what kind of friends use each other and are not ok with who you really are? (A: people you consider friends when you're in high school, apparently)

ANYWAYS. Well written, loved how all over the place Zoe is--the on-going monologue in her head is hilarious. I'm totally on 'Team Zak', though, I really felt for him a lot throughout the novel and wanted to kick Zoe in the pants for what she put him through. He's so nerdy, yet, awesome--there's an air of attractiveness to him (could it be his heroic actions throughout the novel?) I can definitely appreciate.

...annnnd I'm off to read it again--I have a feeling this one is going to become a favourite re-read. It's an easy, light-hearted read that I think just about anyone can relate to in some way or another!

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September 5, 2013

How to Date a Nerd Blog Hop!

Can't say I've ever done a Blog Hop before...but it sounds like fun! goes...

The nerdiest thing(s) about me:
Totally dressed my 1 year old up in a Yoda costume last year and will definitely be finding another Star Wars character for this year before she can come up to me and say, "Mommy, I want to be a princess!" (ughhhh boring!!!); oh, and I also have my library categorized by genre and then alphabetical by author!!

In case you're wondering what all this hype is about...How to Date a Nerd by Cassie Mae is hitting (e-)shelves September 24th!! I can't convey how excited I am about this book! I've been waiting to read it since I finished another of Cassie's novels (Friday Night Alibi). Here's the official book blurb:

Zoe has a great pair of legs, perky boobs, and wears exactly what she needs to show it all off. She works hard for the easy sleazy 'you only wish you were me' reputation, burying who she really is--an all-out nerd.

The only time Zoe gets to be herself is when she hides under her comforter to read X-Men comics, sending jealousy stabs at everyone who attends Comic-Con. Keeping up her popular rep is too important, and she's too insecure to care about the consequences. But when Zoe's sister takes her car for a 'crash and burn into a tree' joyride, her parents get her a replacement. A manual. Something she doesn't know how to operate, but her next door neighbour Zak sure as heck does.

Zak's a geek to the core, shunned by everyone in school for playing Dungeons and Dragons at lunch and wearing "Use the Force" t-shirts. And Zoe's got it bad for the boy. Only Zak doesn't want Popular Zoe. He wants Geek Zoe.

She has to shove her insecurities and the fear of dropping a few rungs on the social ladder aside to prove to Zak who she really is and who she wants to be...if she can figure it out herself.

Now, if only I can figure out how to do this side-bar thing...not nerdy enough, I guess! LOL.

September 4, 2013

Breaking Nova by Jessica Sorensen

"The feeling of it calms me down because it reminds me that there's life in the world, and that hearts do keep beating even after they break."

Nova is home after a difficult freshman year of college. She's still trying to cope with the suicide of her boyfriend, Landon. Things haven't gotten any better for her and, in fact, things are exacerbated being back home where everything is a constant reminder of him. In trying to move on with her life, Nova finds herself lost more than ever before. We watch her  go down a treacherous road of self-destruction in her search of a path of healing and moving on.

Quinton is new in town. Having been disowned by his own father, he seeks refuge with his cousin, Tristan, and his cousin's housemate Dylan. Like Nova, he's grieving his own losses. Quinton was driving the vehicle involved in an accident responsible for the death of his girlfriend (Lexi) and cousin (Tristan's sister). We follow Quinton in his inner struggle with grief of loss and guilt of being the one responsible.

Do Nova and Quinton find themselves and find a way to move on? Do they find refuge from the pain in each other or do they send each other into spirals of destruction?

Simply put, I loved Breaking Nova. It left me in tears, it made my heart ache for Nova and Quinton, it left me me wanting more. The stories of Nova and Quinton are just so heart-wrenching and I loved every bit of it. I cannot begin to imagine being in either of their places. How can one possibly heal when the one you love chooses to leave you in a permanent way? How does one move on and live life when, even if unintentionally, you're the one responsible for taking the lives of not one, but two people that you love?

Death and suicide is prevalent in both plots and throughout the entire novel--Landon's suicide leaves Nova alone and feeling abandonned; and Quinton's desire to end his own life after having, unintentionally, taken the life of his girlfriend and cousin. If you want to be thrown into a mixed bag of sad, emptiness, loss, depression, abandonment, attraction and confusion (just to name a few, y'know) this book is for you!! I think I must have felt a million things while reading this novel. Usually, I hate books that have no finite ending (what can I say, I hate not knowing what happens next!). I find that Breaking Nova ties up Nova's story nicely and leaves me wanting to read the next book to find out what happens to Quinton.

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August 25, 2013

Deeper by Blue Ashcroft

After the unexpected death of her boyfriend, Rain Wilson makes a vow of celibacy and moves out to California for the summer. A new job at a new pool has her hoping to start fresh where nobody knows about her past. She thinks it'll be easy to lay low and concentrate on her senior lifeguard position until an elusive stranger shares with her a moment of passion at a party before her new job starts. As if that didn't throw her off her game plan, she then finds out that he's her co-supervisor at her new job! Can Rain forget about her momentary slip-up and hold up her vow to never fall in love or will she give in to their unmistakeable connection?

Knight Mcallister has been through a lot himself. His girlfriend committed suicide a few years back. Though he's had quite a few hookups since, he has yet to pull himself out of emotional exile and really feel for another. He hates that he has feelings for Rain and does all he can to fight them every step of the way. 

Do Knight and Rain remain loyal to their late loved ones? Read on to see their relationship flourish into something more than just colleagues as they learn what it means to love and how to help each other heal.

This novel started off fairly surreal with Knight seducing a complete stranger (Rain) in the ocean. Err...yeah, pretty sure that is very unlikely to happen...I think this first scene kind of threw me off for the rest of the book. The whole lifeguarding aspect was pretty cool as it got fairly descriptive in terms of the different types of rescues and what not. 

What really set me off was how stupid Rain's character seems to be. The fact that she foolishly puts herself in situations where she's taken advantage off makes her stupid and not heroic/brave in my books. Maybe that was the point--maybe Rain is supposed to be brave to a fault. Personally, I don't find this attractive...but I'm not Knight. The first situation she got herself into, it was unfortunate...the second time was the third time, it was just getting overplayed and somewhat annoying. It seemed like all that was happening in the book was Rain getting into trouble and Knight swooping in and saving the day (damn, that sounds super cheese). By the end of it, I didn't even really want to read about why she *couldn't* ever love Knight, I just wanted him to walk (yup, I said it...I didn't want a happily ever after here!!) 

Rain's fixation on "not ever falling in love" and Knight's "I'm going to love her no matter what" attitude seemed a bit much at times. The two are very stubborn and butt heads quite often because of this. There is so much of the back-and-forth/he-said-she-said that there wasn't much focus on any other characters. This made the story a bit dry (hah, the entire story practically takes place in the water) but perhaps that was the point--to really just hone in on how two messed up people (each in their own ways) try to save each other and find their own ways to love. 

I found the events in this book a bit repetitive but there were definitely some neat elements at the same time (re: lifeguarding stuff). I am, also, definitely still wondering--can you actually kiss under water (not that I'd every try...)?

Purchase the Kindle edition of Deeper on!

August 23, 2013

Meet Lizzy Charles...(and by 'meet', I really mean check out this interview...)

I'm so excited to be hosting my first interview on this blog for Lizzy Charles' Blog Tour (how many times can I use the term 'blog' in a sentence?)! If you've been following my blog, you may remember that Lizzy Charles is the author of Effortless With You (and if you didn't remember, now you've been told). In short, a great read and an awesome debut novel. Congrats Lizzy (actually, double congrats as I just read that you found out you're having a boy!!)! Happy (belated) Book Birthday to you!! x

Before we get down to the short interview I had with Lizzy, here's a bit about her straight from her publisher, Swoon Romance

When Lizzy Charles isn’t scrambling to raise her two spunky toddlers or caring for premature and sick babies as a neonatal intensive care nurse, she’s in a quiet corner writing or snuggled up with a novel and a few squares of dark chocolate. Black tea keeps her constant and she loves guacamole. She married her high school sweet heart, a heart-melting musician, so it’s no surprise she’s fallen in love with writing contemporary YA romance novels. 

And now, without further ado, my short interview with Lizzy...

hc: Let’s start with the basics. Tell us a little about yourself. After a bit of digging, I know that you’re a mother of two (soon three) and a NICU nurse (whoa!). Pretty accomplished, if I do say so myself!
L: Ooh, you did a great job digging! I am all of those, but in reality it’s not as accomplished as it seems. Let’s just say that I’ve had to make a rule of how many hours I’m allowed to go between showers in order to balance everything. But, a little bit more about me? Hmmm. I’m a Minnesotan girl through and through. I married my high school sweetheart. I’m brave enough to sing on stage, when my husband makes me (he’s a musician), but I wouldn’t consider myself a singer. I also dabble in photography, but wouldn’t’ consider myself a photographer. Oh, also, I’m a big foodie. Not that I need fancy food, I just really love to eat!

hc: Going from the nursing profession to the writing profession is a big change. Have you always wanted to be a nurse or have you always wanted to be an author? What spurred you to write a book?
L: I’ve always wanted to be an author. Through elementary school, I was always typing up crazy stories. Choosing to become a nurse was a journey for me that put my passion for writing aside. It took me a few years, until after the birth of my first daughter, for me to be able to combine the two. I started writing EFFORTLESS WITH YOU (EWY) while on maternity leave and have been able to finish it between working part-time as a nurse and full-time parenting. 

hc: What are your inspirations? Where do you get your ideas from? Do you have any momentous occasions during the writing of this novel?
L: I’ve had two momentous occasions! The birth of both of my daughters, which really drives the subplot of my novel. The subplot between Lucy and her mother is a combination of my own fears of losing a relationship with my daughters when they become teenagers and my own hope of fighting for that relationship, no matter what.

hc: What brought you to write a novel that touches on hot topics such as bullying and mental health? You have to admit, there are not a lot of novels out there that even mention these very real issues. Do you have any personal experiences that help you better write about them?
L: Being a NICU nurse, it’s my responsibility to educate mothers about postpartum depression (part of the subplot of EWY). It’s more common than people think but people don’t talk about it. As a result, there is a lot of confusion as to what causes post partum depression. It is NOT the baby that causes the depression. It’s usually extraneous life stressors and triggers, mixed with the cocktail of hormones that the postpartum period throws you into, that can lead you into postpartum depression. There are many levels of postpartum depression, and, can, if left untreated, lead a woman into a new diagnosis of severe depression (which Lucy’s mother experienced) or even psychosis (not explored in EWY).

I incorporated the topic of bullying because it’s out of control. I’m not okay with it. It needs to stop. I wanted to talk to the individuals who aren’t really bullies, but may find themselves in the position of being followers and not realizing what they are doing. I wanted to show them it’s not them, they can grow and be better than that.

hc: Which character do you feel you relate most with and why? Do you have a favourite character?
L: I relate most to Lucy. I was never a “teenage drone” but the oscillation of thoughts and the second guessing of herself stemmed from my own experience. My favorite character is a tie between Justin, who makes me swoon, and Alex, who makes me smile. 

hc: As with many others (those who have read and those who will read), I absolutely love the fun-loving Alex! Will there be an Alex story to follow? Have you thought of/do you have plans to make Effortless With You the first in a series?
L: Hmmm, the thought has crossed my mind. But I have no solid plans yet. And, yeah, Alex is lots of fun! He’d be great main character!

hc: I’m not just tooting your horn when I say I really enjoyed Effortless With You. What’s next? Will you be writing through your pregnancy/maternity leave (if you’re taking any)? 
L: Aww, thank you. That’s so sweet of you. It means so much to me that you enjoyed the novel!

What’s next? Right now, I’m editing my most recent young adult contemporary romance novel before it goes out on submission. I’ll give you some of the ingredients: New York City Girl + Cowboy + Divorce + Fire = WHERE THE SUN BURNS (Title is a work in progress). How’s that for a pitch? (I’m REALLY horrid at pitching!)

hc: Thank you, Lizzy, for taking your time to do this interview—I’m sure they’re all fairly similar and you get bombarded with the same questions over and over again! 
L: These questions were fantastic! I loved answering them. Thank you so much for having me and I’m so happy you enjoyed EFFORTLESS WITH YOU!

There you have it. My first interview!! Hope it was mostly painless for those reading...but, really, what a sweetheart Lizzy is. Can't wait to see if she'll end up writing EWY into a series *fingers crossed* Actually, I can't wait to see what a NYC Girl + Cowboy + Divorce + Fire makes LOL. 

Sounds interesting... But for now, go check out Effortless With You. Now available for Kindle at and for Nook at

You can follow Lizzy Charles on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads or through her Blog!

August 21, 2013

Who doesn't love a giveaway?

I know I always love a giveaway. Things are always better when they're FREE!! Anyways...I'm all excited for Lizzy Charles' Effortless With You Blog Tour (check back Friday when she hits my blog!) and what better to ramp up for the big day than with a giveaway!!?

Now go and check out Lizzy's Tour Diary to keep up with what's been happening! I cannot confirm nor deny that delicious brownies and some Minions may be involved...