September 4, 2013

Breaking Nova by Jessica Sorensen

"The feeling of it calms me down because it reminds me that there's life in the world, and that hearts do keep beating even after they break."

Nova is home after a difficult freshman year of college. She's still trying to cope with the suicide of her boyfriend, Landon. Things haven't gotten any better for her and, in fact, things are exacerbated being back home where everything is a constant reminder of him. In trying to move on with her life, Nova finds herself lost more than ever before. We watch her  go down a treacherous road of self-destruction in her search of a path of healing and moving on.

Quinton is new in town. Having been disowned by his own father, he seeks refuge with his cousin, Tristan, and his cousin's housemate Dylan. Like Nova, he's grieving his own losses. Quinton was driving the vehicle involved in an accident responsible for the death of his girlfriend (Lexi) and cousin (Tristan's sister). We follow Quinton in his inner struggle with grief of loss and guilt of being the one responsible.

Do Nova and Quinton find themselves and find a way to move on? Do they find refuge from the pain in each other or do they send each other into spirals of destruction?

Simply put, I loved Breaking Nova. It left me in tears, it made my heart ache for Nova and Quinton, it left me me wanting more. The stories of Nova and Quinton are just so heart-wrenching and I loved every bit of it. I cannot begin to imagine being in either of their places. How can one possibly heal when the one you love chooses to leave you in a permanent way? How does one move on and live life when, even if unintentionally, you're the one responsible for taking the lives of not one, but two people that you love?

Death and suicide is prevalent in both plots and throughout the entire novel--Landon's suicide leaves Nova alone and feeling abandonned; and Quinton's desire to end his own life after having, unintentionally, taken the life of his girlfriend and cousin. If you want to be thrown into a mixed bag of sad, emptiness, loss, depression, abandonment, attraction and confusion (just to name a few, y'know) this book is for you!! I think I must have felt a million things while reading this novel. Usually, I hate books that have no finite ending (what can I say, I hate not knowing what happens next!). I find that Breaking Nova ties up Nova's story nicely and leaves me wanting to read the next book to find out what happens to Quinton.

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