July 13, 2018

Blog Tour: Nasty by R.L. Kenderson

Piper Stevens had already met—and lost—the love of her life. When she buried her husband, she buried her chance for a happily ever after…but also found a shoulder to lean on in Nate.

As a commitment-phobe womanizer, Nate Hall has never had a female as a friend, but he made a promise to his buddy before he passed. Take care of Piper.
And these days?  He can’t imagine his life without her.
Now, a year later, things Piper thought were long gone are beginning to come back.

Like her previously healthy libido.

Except she can't picture dating someone in her husband's place, nor can she sleep with a stranger either.

So, she turns to Nate. After all, he's the perfect choice. He's her friend but also a player. He cares about her but they'll never fall in love…and she won’t get hurt. Not like she did when she lost her husband.

But can two friends give their bodies without involving their hearts and things turning nasty?

Nasty is available for purchase:

What a position Nate was put into by his late friend. With his dying breath, Piper's husband asks his friend, Nate, to take care of his wife. So that's exactly what he did. He situated himself in Piper's life in a way that she needed--he was her rock, her shoulder to cry on and, eventually, her best friend. The fact that they both start to become aware of a mutual attraction to each other just makes the story that much more interesting. The internal conflict the two of them have is real and their emotional battles with themselves and with others really pull you into their story. A great read, definitely recommended and interested in reading the others in this series if they're anything like this one!


Piper and Jordan had moved to the area in January the previous year, and when they had first moved, it had been all about getting situated. Jordan had settled into his new job while Piper had to search for her own. Then, before she had known it, it had been May, and she was a widow.

After that had come his funeral and sorting out all the paperwork after someone passed, all while trying to deal with grief. For a while, the only people Piper had seen outside of work were her mom and Nate. She had just wanted to be left alone. Socializing took too much energy.

But she’d slowly started coming back to life a few months ago, and that was when Nate had really started bringing his friends around. She knew he’d been afraid that she’d be lonely with no family in the area. She felt like she was almost back to normal. Well, her new normal because she was never going to be the same person she had been before Jordan passed away.

And, now, she was grateful that Nate had introduced her to Elise. The two of them got along great, and while Nate was her best friend, sometimes, a lady just needed some girl time. They still didn’t know each other that well, but Piper hoped that could change.

Nate and Luke burst through the front door, shirtless, sweaty, and laughing. They went straight to the food without a word to either of the women and dug in like they hadn’t eaten for a week. Neither of them bothered to sit either; both stood on the other side of the counter.

“I apologize for my husband’s table manners—or lack thereof,” Elise said.

Luke looked up from stuffing his face. “Wha—” he said around a mouthful of food, his brown eyes gleaming with humor.

“You’re a pig,” Elise said.

Nate nestled in the corner of the counter and laughed.

Luke swallowed and smiled. “But I’m your pig.”

Elise shook her head and rolled her eyes, but Piper saw she was hiding a smile.

“Apologies, Piper,” Luke said. “I’m hungry.”

Elise turned to Piper. “Do you care if I get a glass of water?”

Piper jumped from the stool, feeling like a terrible hostess. “Oh my God, I’m sorry.”

“No, you don’t have to get up,” Elise protested, also rising from her seat.

“Yes, I do. My mother would pass out from shame if I didn’t take care of my company.”

Elise sat back down and laughed. “I understand.”

She looked around to the two guys. “Water okay with you guys, too?” she asked as she walked around to Nate and Luke’s side.

“I can get my own, you know,” Nate said.

It was true. He wasn’t really a guest in her home anymore. He raided her fridge whenever he was hungry and helped himself to whatever he needed without asking anymore.

“That’s okay,” she said as she opened the cupboard and reached up for the glasses.

But Nate went for them at the same time she did. As he reached from behind her, she felt his naked chest against her back. A tingle went down her spine, straight to her belly, and she dropped her hands to the counter as she tried to fight a slight tremor.

Apparently, her libido hadn’t died with Jordan. It had just gone dormant. And she didn’t know what to do with it if it was coming back.

About the Author

R.L. Kenderson is two best friends writing under one name. 
Renae has always loved reading, and in third grade, she wrote her first poem where she learned she might have a knack for this writing thing. Lara remembers sneaking her grandmother’s Harlequin novels when she was probably too young to be reading them, and since then, she knew she wanted to write her own.

When they met in college, they bonded over their love of reading and the TV show Charmed. What really spiced up their friendship was when Lara introduced Renae to romance novels. When they discovered their first vampire romance, they knew there would always be a special place in their hearts for paranormal romance. After being unable to find certain storylines and characteristics they wanted to read about in the hundreds of books they consumed, they decided to write their own.

One lives in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and the other in the Kansas City area where they’re a sonographer/stay-at-home mom/wife and pharmacist/mother by day, and together they’re a sexy author by night. They communicate through phone, email, and whole lot of messaging.

You can find them at http://www.rlkenderson.com, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and Goodreads. Join their Facebook Reader Group. Or you can email them at rlkenderson@rlkenderson.com, or sign up for their newsletter here. They always love hearing from their readers.

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May 15, 2018

The Start of Something Good by Jennifer Probst

An enriching story of family ties, broken hearts, and second chances from New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Probst.
When Ethan Bishop returns to the Hudson Valley, his body and spirit are a little worse for wear. As a former Special Forces paratrooper, he saw his fair share of conflict, and he came home with wounds, inside and out. At his sisters’ B & B and farm, he can keep all his pain at a safe distance. But quiet time isn’t easy when a fiery woman explodes into his life…
It’s business—not pleasure—that brings Manhattan PR agent Mia Thrush reluctantly to the farm. Tightly wound and quick tempered, Mia clashes immediately with the brooding Ethan. Everything about him is irritating—from his lean muscles and piercing blue eyes to his scent of sweat and musk.
But as the summer unfolds and temperatures rise, Ethan and Mia discover how much they have in common: their guarded histories, an uncontrollable desire, and a passion for the future that could heal two broken hearts. But will their pasts threaten their fragile chance at a brand-new future?

This was such a sweet story. The first book of a new series by Jennifer Probst and I can honestly say I'm hooked already. Mia and Ethan start off on the wrong foot right off the bat and things just get more heated after the initial run in. Mia's happy with her life--or so she thinks--so when her business lands her in the middle of nowhere, basically babysitting, for the summer, she's less than enthused. Ethan has come home from military duties with wounds to heal--both inside and out. When he's faced with a teen and her "aunt", he's just annoyed to have yet another thing to deal with. But then things change. The more they are thrown together, the deeper their feelings start to run...

Jennifer Probst has this way of telling stories and this series is off to that same great start. Her characters are engaging, the storylines are entertaining and the writing is easy to read and get lost within. She's started an intricate web with this first book and I am looking forward to the rest of this series!

May 5, 2018

Blog Tour: Bro Code by Kendall Ryan

From New York Times bestselling author Kendall Ryan comes a flirty new standalone about falling for your older brother's best friend.

There’s pretty much only one rule when you’re a guy.

Don’t be a douche.

Turns out, the fastest way to break that rule is to fall for your best friend’s sister.

Ava’s brilliant, sharp-tongued, gorgeous, and five years younger than me.

She’s the sexual equivalent of running with scissors. In a word, she’s dangerous. And completely off-limits.

Falling for her could ruin everything.

Yet I can’t seem to stop, even when her company is threatened by a lawsuit, and my promotion hinges on representing the opposing client—and winning.

I can’t see a way out of this mess that doesn’t end in a broken friendship, a broken heart, or a ruined career.

I may have broken the bro code when I fell for Ava. But do I have the balls to handle what comes next?

Bro Code is available for purchase:

I always love me a "best friend's brother/sister" story. There's just something about forbidden romances that make stories that much more interesting. Maybe it's the layer of secrecy or the turmoil the characters go through while they're processing their feelings. I've read a few of Kendall Ryan's books and her storytelling is on point with this as with her others. Her writing is easy to read and she gets to a nice level of depth with her characters. Ava and Barrett's story is well done, their character and relationship is engaging. The story isn't superficial and has a good dose of heart as well as heat which is hard to come by these days. Definitely recommend this book!

About the Author

A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of more than two dozen titles, Kendall Ryan has sold over 1.5 million books and her books have been translated into several languages in countries around the world. She's a traditionally published author with Simon & Schuster and Harper Collins UK, as well as an independently published author. Since she first began self-publishing in 2012, she's appeared at #1 on Barnes & Noble and iBooks charts around the world. Her books have also appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists more than three dozen times. Ryan has been featured in such publications as USA Today, Newsweek, and InTouch Magazine.

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April 21, 2018

Blog Tour: The Plan by Katie Ashley

For Jenny O’Malley, the plan was supposed to be easy. Become the surrogate for her friends, Connor and Jeff, deliver their healthy baby, and earn some money towards her student loans. But as the saying goes, the best-laid plans often go awry. Especially when you’re looking at the prospect of not getting laid for a long, long time.

With T-Minus two weeks to insemination, Jenny decides to take her friend, Casey’s, suggestion to have one wild fling before she’s saddled with heartburn and stretchmarks. When a tall, dark and handsome man swaggers into the bar where she works in skin-tight jeans, cowboy boots, and a Stetson, Jenny knows he is the one. After a scorching night of banging boots until dawn, Jenny is a little sad to see her Cowboy in Shining Armor leave.

When he reenters her life a few weeks later, she never could have imagined a positive sign could be such a negative.

The Plan is available for purchase:


As she was cleaning up in the wake of a rowdy group of frat boys from Georgia Tech, Jenny caught sight of a cowboy hat out of the corner of her eye. Immediately, she drew in a sharp breath and swept a hand to her chest to try to still the erratic beating of her heart. Turning around, she peered in the direction of the white Stetson.

Sweet Jesus, he was backthe hot-as-hell cowboy from out of town. It had been two or three weeks since hed first strutted into the bar an hour before closing time. In his tight jeans, hed left little to the imagination about what kind of weaponry he was packing.

At first, shed thought he was lost. After all, he had looked so completely out of placea ride em cowboy right out of the Wild West, smack in the urban jungle of Atlanta. Ignoring the stares from some of the other patronsand from Jennyhe had slid across one of the bar stools. Sweeping his hat from his head, hed then held up his hand, signaling her to come over.

A shot of Jack, hed requested. Holy hell, his voice. It had sent a shot of white-hot lust straight to her core. There was something particular about a mans voice that got her libido up and running, and the deeper the better. It was why she had a hard time watching Harry Potter without having impure thoughts about Alan Rickman, AKA Snape.

While she fixed the drink, Jenny could feel the cowboys eyes on her. The heat of his gaze bore through her white blouse and warmed the skin above her breasts. It wasnt like she wasnt used to male customers staring at her boobs. She had learned from her older sister, Laura, to use her C cups to her advantage with tight shirts and low-buttoned blouses. Most of the time, the leers of horny men grated on her nerves, but not that night. Shed wanted the cowboys eyes on her. If shed been honest, she wanted his hands and his tongue on her too.

When shed placed the drink in front of him, she smiled. There you go. My name is Jenny if you need anything else.

Can I ask you a question?

I guess, Jenny had replied hesitantly.

How in the hell do you live down here with all the crazy drivers?

She hadnt been able to help laughing because the question wasnt what shed been expecting. I guess since Ive lived here all my life, Im used to it.

The cowboy had grimaced. You have my sympathies.

Hey now, I happen to like this city, shed protested.

You can have it.

And just like that, theyd struck up a conversation. Since it had been almost closing, theyd had time to get to know each other. His name was Brett, and he was a professional roper passing through Atlanta on his way back home from a roping championship in South Georgia. Jenny really had no idea what professional roping entailed, but her dirty mind had decided to draw the obscene conclusion that he was really good with his hands. He could tie her upyou know, if she ever decided to swing that way.

When hed found out she loved horses but rarely got to see any in the city, hed taken her by the hand and led her outside. Although a voice inside her head screamed that he could be about to abduct her, shed kept letting him lead her across the parking lot. Shed liked the way his calloused hands felt against her skin, and a relieved sigh had escaped her lips when they stopped in front of a horse trailer. Opening the back, he had introduced her to his two horses, Waylon and Willie. She had tried not to swoon at the gesture.

After theyd gotten back inside, Brett had insisted on buying her a drink, even when she told him she could have one on the house. One drink had turned into two, and when shed gotten a little tipsy, shed been really thankful her dad was in the back to run the evenings receipts. Even after shed turned off the open sign and locked the front door, Bretts perfectly sculpted ass had remained on the bar stool. She hadnt felt a connection with anyone in such a long time, and it wasnt just about the physical.

Damn, she had wanted him to kiss her that night, and for a moment, shed thought he would. Instead, hed slipped his cowboy hat back on. You take care, he had said.

“You too,” she had replied as she watched him walk out of the bar and out of her life. She had experienced a sinking feeling that something potentially amazing had just slipped through her fingers. Shed never in a million years dreamed hed walk back through the doors, but there he was in all his beautiful flesh.

About the Author

Katie Ashley is a New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon Best-Selling author of both Indie and Traditionally published books. She lives outside of Atlanta, Georgia with her daughter, Olivia, and her spoiled mutt, Duke. She has a slight obsession with Pinterest, The Golden Girls, Shakespeare, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Scooby-Doo.

With a BA in English, a BS in Secondary English Education, and a Masters in Adolescent English Education, she spent eleven years teaching both middle and high school English, as well as a few adjunct college English classes. As of January 2013, she hung up her red pen and expo markers to become a full-time writer. Each and every day she counts her blessings to be able to do her dream job.

Although her roots are firmly planted in the red Georgia clay, she loves traveling the country and world to meet readers and hang out with fellow authors. When she’s not writing or chasing down her toddler, you might find her watching reruns of The Golden Girls, reading historical biographies, along with romance novels, or spending way too much time on Facebook.

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