August 25, 2013

Deeper by Blue Ashcroft

After the unexpected death of her boyfriend, Rain Wilson makes a vow of celibacy and moves out to California for the summer. A new job at a new pool has her hoping to start fresh where nobody knows about her past. She thinks it'll be easy to lay low and concentrate on her senior lifeguard position until an elusive stranger shares with her a moment of passion at a party before her new job starts. As if that didn't throw her off her game plan, she then finds out that he's her co-supervisor at her new job! Can Rain forget about her momentary slip-up and hold up her vow to never fall in love or will she give in to their unmistakeable connection?

Knight Mcallister has been through a lot himself. His girlfriend committed suicide a few years back. Though he's had quite a few hookups since, he has yet to pull himself out of emotional exile and really feel for another. He hates that he has feelings for Rain and does all he can to fight them every step of the way. 

Do Knight and Rain remain loyal to their late loved ones? Read on to see their relationship flourish into something more than just colleagues as they learn what it means to love and how to help each other heal.

This novel started off fairly surreal with Knight seducing a complete stranger (Rain) in the ocean. Err...yeah, pretty sure that is very unlikely to happen...I think this first scene kind of threw me off for the rest of the book. The whole lifeguarding aspect was pretty cool as it got fairly descriptive in terms of the different types of rescues and what not. 

What really set me off was how stupid Rain's character seems to be. The fact that she foolishly puts herself in situations where she's taken advantage off makes her stupid and not heroic/brave in my books. Maybe that was the point--maybe Rain is supposed to be brave to a fault. Personally, I don't find this attractive...but I'm not Knight. The first situation she got herself into, it was unfortunate...the second time was the third time, it was just getting overplayed and somewhat annoying. It seemed like all that was happening in the book was Rain getting into trouble and Knight swooping in and saving the day (damn, that sounds super cheese). By the end of it, I didn't even really want to read about why she *couldn't* ever love Knight, I just wanted him to walk (yup, I said it...I didn't want a happily ever after here!!) 

Rain's fixation on "not ever falling in love" and Knight's "I'm going to love her no matter what" attitude seemed a bit much at times. The two are very stubborn and butt heads quite often because of this. There is so much of the back-and-forth/he-said-she-said that there wasn't much focus on any other characters. This made the story a bit dry (hah, the entire story practically takes place in the water) but perhaps that was the point--to really just hone in on how two messed up people (each in their own ways) try to save each other and find their own ways to love. 

I found the events in this book a bit repetitive but there were definitely some neat elements at the same time (re: lifeguarding stuff). I am, also, definitely still wondering--can you actually kiss under water (not that I'd every try...)?

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