August 13, 2013

Knock Love Out by Pella Grace

In Knock Love Out, we get a story one could only dream of. Lilla King is tired of her marriage and life as she knows it. She meets Cash Valentine, a cashier at the grocery store towns away from her home and makes up her mind to have an affair---WHO DOES THAT? Too awesome. So totally something you'd only dream of doing. You know you've thought about it at one point or and steamy affair with that hot guy (or gal) you passed that one time way back when? Okay...maybe it's only me.

Lilla has been taken for granted by her idiot husband for most of her marriage. This makes it that much easier for Cash Valentine to sweep her off her feet. Can it be possible? What can actually become of an affair between the 24-year-old artist who's still finding himself and the older woman who's stuck in a dead-end marriage? Find out in this story that's so sweet you wish it were true!

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