September 9, 2013

How to Date a Nerd by Cassie Mae

Zoe is a closet nerd trying to keep her real self from coming out so she can maintain popularity, and, off the bullying radar. Having had enough of being tormented in middle school, she gave herself a makeover and stuffed her old self behind some roll-y shelves.

Zak is Zoe's neighbour, King Nerd and the object of Zoe's obsession. Unlike Zoe, he has no interest in pleasing others and is completely comfortable with being a "loser". He knows the old Zoe and can't wait for her to return...but is he waiting for something that will never happen or will he be rewarded for his patience and insight?

I hated high school. This book reminds me of precisely why I did. The existence of labels, cliques, and just plain mean people made and continue to make school a horrid place to be. Though I don't blame Zoe for wanting to fit in, I hate her for humiliating Zak in order to "stay on top" of the food chain. That hatred extends towards and is more amplified with the people Zoe considers her friends--what kind of friends use each other and are not ok with who you really are? (A: people you consider friends when you're in high school, apparently)

ANYWAYS. Well written, loved how all over the place Zoe is--the on-going monologue in her head is hilarious. I'm totally on 'Team Zak', though, I really felt for him a lot throughout the novel and wanted to kick Zoe in the pants for what she put him through. He's so nerdy, yet, awesome--there's an air of attractiveness to him (could it be his heroic actions throughout the novel?) I can definitely appreciate.

...annnnd I'm off to read it again--I have a feeling this one is going to become a favourite re-read. It's an easy, light-hearted read that I think just about anyone can relate to in some way or another!

The Kindle and Nook editions of How to Date a Nerd are now available!

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