December 24, 2013

Love Overdue by Pamela Morsi

Dorothy Jarrow or DJ is your proper, preppy librarian trying to keep her past in her past. With no family or ties, she moves to a small town in Kansas hoping to finally lay some roots. As happy as she is to be in a new time, she's faced with disgruntled employees at work and her landlady who seems to overstep boundaries with no hesitation. To make things worse, she runs into the one thing she's running away from--the mistake she made that one time in San Padre...

Love Overdue was a nice story. Not only did it touch on new, undeveloped love but the secondary focus was on true, partners-for-life kind of love and its effects. The kind of love that most of us search for in life where one cannot bear to live on past the passing of one's soulmate. I thought that was nice for added depth to your, otherwise, typical romance. I didn't like how the novel ended, though. I felt like there was more that could have gone from the point when Scott finally realizes who DJ is. I didn't love how it went from "epiphany" to "eight years later". It felt unrefined and super rushed with that ending...

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