December 17, 2013

All Fired Up by Kate Meader

Cara DeLuca is from your stereotypical Italian breeding where life revolves around food and family. These are two things that Cara has never felt comfortable with. Shane Doyle is a self-made pastry chef from a rough upbringing. The two are so completely different and, yet, after a drunken night in Vegas end up together...MARRIED. Oops! Having skipped over the whole dating thing, Cara and Shane find themselves getting to know each other while trying to keep their secret marriage under wraps from their family and friends (all while trying to annul the nuptials!). The more time they spend together the more irresistible they become to each other. Could there be some merit to their impulsive, out-of-character actions?

The great thing about having a stack of books to get through is that you forget what each book is about. I also make it a policy not to read the backs of books before I pick it up--if it ended up on my "to read" pile, it got there for a reason. And, mannnn, did this book start off with a couple of big detonations. The book starts off with what you think it was just a one night stand, but, BAM, Bomb #1: by the end of the chapter you find out that there was an alcohol-induced elopement. And, as if that weren't excitement enough, by the second chapter, BOOM, you get Bomb #2: Shane is Jack's half-brother. In the first two chapters you've got two huge storylines started. Kate does not disappoint. There's such development with the characters that you really get to the point where you feel their pain with them. She really digs in with the themes of mental illness and abusive behaviour on a few different levels. It made the book a bit more than your average love story. A thoroughly enjoyable read. It was a slow, sexy read (definitely digging the boots and the Stetson!!). I think it would have been a lot of fun if Jack knew all along that Shane was his brother but that's just asking for too much drama, right?

The Kindle and Nook versions of All Fired Up are available for purchase!

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