December 25, 2013

Yank by Selena Kitt

I don't normally mind erotica/new adult. In fact, I usually like it. I felt, though, that this was very little story with a whole lot of literary porn (yes, I realize that's what erotica is). Just didn't really love this one and I tend to enjoy erotica/new adult novels. Right from the get-go, we're launched into David wanking off to his porn collection. In what feels like 2 seconds later, he's passing second base with the foreign exchange student he's always viewed as an annoying older sister (and also lives with his family!). David and Dawn start off rounding second base, quickly onto third and by a quarter of the book they've hit the ball out of the park. Then you throw in a couple of extra characters and there's interchanging of partners. There was very little story and little to no character development. There was just sex. A whole lot of sex. It was a setting change, sex, different location, sex, different time of day, sex. It got a bit tiring with all the sex scenes (did I just say that aloud!!?). I guess I just prefer a bit more story! Wasn't horrible, I got a bit bored at times and the ending was really sudden and, to me, ridiculous. Guess it just wasn't my cup o' tea...

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