December 11, 2013

Switched by Cassie Mae

What a concept. Kayla is in love with her best friend's boyfriend--Talon. Wesley, is in love with HIS best friend's girlfriend--Reagan. Talon and Reagan have no clue what's going on...Kayla and Wesley come up with a devious plan to break up the couple so that Kayla and Wesley can end up with the objects of their obessions...easy, peasy, cheesy, right?

Is there such thing as a love quadrilateral? I guess there is now!! Oh what fun and drama goes on between the four of these friends!! Kayla has been the quiet bystander to her best friend for her entire life. She's picked NOW to change that. By devising a plan with Wesley (who's in love with Reagan), she expects everything to fall into place and everyone to have their happily ever after. Selfish, I know...and these things never work out like you expect! Anyways...the more time she spends executing this master plan, the more she's running to Wesley. The more time she's spending with Wesley, the more she's noticing little things about him that he's never noticed before. Things that are less platonic and more...*gasp* romantic?  No way. Shake those thoughts off and refocus!! I love Cassie's novels and this one was no disappointment. The characters are hilarious and loveable and her  style of writing is just so easy to get into. I gave this one a go on my long-haul flight and finished it in one go. I loved the ending. You sort of expect a certain "switch" but the ending gives "Switched" a big *kabam*!

You can purchase the Kindle and Nook versions of Switched on Amazon and B&N!

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