December 11, 2013

Please excuse my absence but...

So I've been a complete write-off as of lately, I do apologize. Between getting unexpectedly crazy at work and then dealing with DD getting sick (who, in turn, got both DH and I sick) and getting ready to pack up for two months, I've really been neglecting this blog and my reading piles!!

Anyways...I'm now on the otherside of the world, blogging today from my balcony in paradise! The weather is fabulous, so, to me , much too hot lol. I was lucky enough to be able to leave DD with my mum and take a mini-vacation with my cousin.

I'm a self-proclaimed world-traveller. I am no stranger to strange lands. I have been well-travelled since I was a young adult and have seen many parts of this world. To this day, though, it never ceases to amaze me how different things are a plane ride away. From food to culture to climate, it's like you step onto a plane on one planet and then step off on another. I truly am blessed to be fortunate enough to experience these different places.

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