October 1, 2013

Back to School Blog Tour: Part II

Hope you checked out Part I of today's double header. If you haven't yet, you should definitely do so after (or maybe first!) :)

Now, for a short interview with Cassie Mae...you may remember her as the author of Friday Night Alibi and, most recently, How to Date a Nerd. Both are out and available now so you have no excuse not to read them! Anywho...here we go!

How to Date a Nerd is now available for Kindle and Nook!

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Hi Cassie (can we call you Cass?), so nice of you to agree to talk to me today and answer a few inane questions that you’ve probably already answered a million times! So let’s get started with the basics, anything you want to share and/or disclose with us before we delve into some questions?
I’m half asleep…so I’m not responsible for any of my ramblings! 

And yes, call me whatever you want.

Sexy Beast is totally okay, too ;) 

Herrreeee we go! If one song could describe you, what would it be? If you can’t describe yourself in one song, do you have a soundtrack to your life?
Baby Got Back

What would you say is the nerdiest thing about yourself? Ever hide that about yourself?
My Harry Potter closet (conveniently under my stairs.) And no, don’t hide it. I brag about it as often as I can, lol.

Have you ever found yourself in Zoe’s shoes? Did you have a period of “hiding” yourself until you became comfortable being in your own skin?
All the time. Sometimes I wonder if my opinions or feedback in certain things are stupid. Sometimes I have a hard time letting go without worrying what people will think. It happens to all of us, I think… and it’s a daily challenge to be comfortable in your own skin. But it’s possible. Some days are definitely better than others…you just have to get to the point where the good days outnumber the bad :)

There are a lot of one-off facts in your book. Awesome facts that made me smile, I might add! Did you have to do a lot of research for your “nerdy” references or was it all knowledge already in your head?
Most was already up there…but I did double-check a lot because I know people and their nerd knowledge! If I don’t get it right…well, I don’t want to deal with that wrath ;) LOL

X-Men seems to be a big thing for you—any reason? Who’s your favourite X-Men and why?
LOL, I get this question a lot. Havok is my fave because he’s hot in the movie, but also because I love the episodes he’s in. I can’t wait to see him in more movies. 

And Gambit is a VERY close second. 

And X-Men is big for me for the same reason it was big for Zoe in the book. I’ll grab the excerpt here…

I shake my head clear and stare at the book. It’s dark with the flashlight now being run around my back, but I’ve memorized the picture. Why do I like this? 

“’Cause it’s frakking awesome.”

He chuckles. “Why?”


“Humor me.”

Gosh, I’d do anything for him right now. Even talk nerd with him.

“I dunno. I guess ’cause they are all totally hated for being different and still they fight to save the people who hate them, and that’s pretty heroic.” I pause before adding, “And they are all super badass!”

Now, I’ve got a very important question for you…Star Wars or Star Trek? Answer wisely as this may be the deciding factor of how cool you are ;)
Star Wars. Definitely Star Wars.

Good answer. We can be friends, still. lol. Lastly, and most importantly, I need to know…what did you drink the most of while you were writing How to Date a Nerd? 
Mountain Dew

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today, Cassie…can’t wait for Switched coming out later on this year!!

Me too! And thanks so much!!!

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