January 28, 2014

Sweet by Erin McCarthy

It's summer and classes are out but instead of returning home for the summer, Jessica Sweet makes up a story to appease her super judgmental and religious parents so she can stay around campus for the summer. With nowhere to go for the week between having moved out of the dorms and when her new lease starts, Jessica finds herself moving in with Riley Mann. He may be eye candy but he is also her Tyler's super-annoying older brother. I was thoroughly amused by the dynamic between the two of them--reminds me a lot of how me and hubs can be lol. As annoying as he is, though, Jessica sees how hard he works to keep his family together and she does what she can to help him fix up their house in time for a custody hearing for his youngest brother. What she doesn't expect, though, is to fall for him along the way (hey, what were you expecting?). He's not like any other guy she's ever been interested in before and that may prove to be the biggest challenge...

Jessica Sweet is a life force. She's in your face and she doesn't take anyone's shit...except when it comes to her parents. I love that she knows what she wants and she's not afraid to go get it. She's got balls when it comes to anything but her super judge-y parents. I guess they're usually the hardest to stand up to..Anyways, she comes off as bitchy but her soft side comes out when she's put in the position to help out the Mann brothers. She really grows through this novel. She starts off fairly naive but has the courage to face the real world and all its faces. So far, she's my favourite of the girls in Erin's True Believer series..

Riley Mann is nothing you'd expect. His facade is all badass and disturbed, yet, there's a side of him at home that nobody knows. He definitely doesn't seem like the type to be bringing up a family but that is exactly what he's doing with his brothers after their druggie mother passed. Another surprise he throws at you is that he's totally a "relationship kinda guy" which, swoon, who doesn't love the badass who is actually ready and willing to commit? Best of both worlds, anybody :D He tries to help Jess get over her fear of commitment (hah, for once, gender expectation reversal!) and that relationships aren't such a bad thing. He's a complete teddy bear underneath that bad boy exterior. I love it.

I loved the characters in Sweet. They're super entertaining and their story is a bit of an odd one. Definitely not disappointed by the series so far. Erin definitely knows how to write a good story--they're not cut and dry which makes them that much more interesting to get into and her characters are so easy to love in love with. Can't wait for Shatter to come out!! 

My Rating: 4 Stars

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