January 11, 2014

The Fireside Inn by Lily Everett

Miles Harrington is getting married and he's designated each of his four friends (and fellow billionaire bachelors) a certain role in his upcoming wedding. The wedding is taking place on Sanctuary Island. Miles. who's life has been changed from his time on the island, has promised his friends that their lives will also be changed forever (for the better) by the time the wedding is over. In fact, he's so sure of himself that he's put a wager on it.

This first novella of The Billionaire Bachelors series is Lord Leo Strathairn's story. Leo was born into British aristocracy--well bred and wealthy. He doesn't feel he's missing anything in his life until he meets Sanctuary Island's librarian Serena Lightfoot. Thinking he's just going to seduce and use Serena to help him accomplish his task for the wedding, he finds himself falling for Serena as they spend time together. Serena is done with guys after having been used by them for her smarts her entire life. Having sworn off guys for good, she doesn't think anything when Leo walks into her library practically begging for her help. Can she keep Leo at arms length?

*          *          *          *          *          *         *

I have to admit that I felt completely inundated with too much information. I was trying to digest that Miles was a lifelong bachelor who was getting married and then got smacked with four more bachelors who were all after a private helipad on top of an exclusive billionaire club. It was a relief when the story slowed down a bit and we were focussed in on Leo. The intro was just a bit much. I did enjoy the book alright after that, though. It was sweet, we were gifted with a British aristocrat who spouted off poetry like a pro and spoke in poetry. Umm...who wouldn't fall in love with that? Serena was a bit off for me, though, she seemed to be all over the place. She was unsure of herself because of her past experiences of guys using her for her smarts but she was confident enough to know she wanted to (and she was forward about it, too) seduce Leo. I felt like she wasn't too consistent but that could just be me. Leo's secret makes him that much more lovable because you just want to sympathize with him for his unfortunate upbringing (though it was a bit hard to believe that in this day in age someone could "get away" with that sort of reading disability without being noticed and helped). In all, it was a sweet story though a few things here and there made me raise my eyebrows but whatever, it happens!

My Rating: 3 stars

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