January 6, 2014

Along Came Trouble by Erin Kern

Elisa Cardoso is a talented photographer with one goal in mind: to eventually take her passion and turn it into a career. Her dream is to eventually travel the world and photograph nature at its finest. Brody McDermott is the owner of a restaurant on its last legs. He hires Elisa in hopes that they can put together a spread that will help save his failing restaurant. 

From first sight, the attraction between Elisa and Brody is off the carts intense. The two can't keep their eyes off each other nor can either deny the instant attraction between each other. So what is one to do than to cave into ones desires :) If only it were so easy. Brody turns out to be Elisa's good friend, Kelly's, ex-husband. Alright, that means hands off, right? 

*          *          *          *          *          *         *

Sidenote: I just realized that, as a blogger/book reviewer, I've been pretty crappy. I haven't actually rated any of the books that I've reviewed! I do apologize...well, new year, new beginnings, right? Let me start now, with this book. I'll be giving my reviews and synopsis as per usual and then will try to remember to rate the books on a scale of 1* (being crappy) to 5* (being awesomesauce). Please, do keep in mind that these ratings are according to my own personal taste in novels...some (probably, most) of you will not agree with me as I am no literary genius...so please don't shoot!

This was a nice story. Elisa seems like such a clean cut woman and she's caught in this huge messy web of friends, hot guy, their kid and her feelings. The novel seems to give every part of it just enough attention and detail to have depth, yet, doesn't drag on to be boring. You're given a good amount of insight to both characters and how they feel which is nice. The ending is a sweet one, too, if only a little unrealistic (but, let's be honest, are any of these romance novel endings realistic?).

My rating: 3.5 stars

Kindle and Paperback versions of Along Came Trouble are available for purchase on Amazon!

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