January 8, 2014

Searching for Someday by Jennifer Probst

Slade (what a name!), successful divorce lawyer, is intent on protecting his sister Jane from the manipulations of a matchmaking company. He signs up with the company convinced he will be able to unearth some sort of fraudulent activity. Kate, owner of said matchmaking company, has a gifted ability to tell by touch whether or not a couple are soulmates. With her well-grounded beliefs in this gift, she's been looking for "the one" for what seems like forever. Exhausted in her journey, she's all but given up. Then, from out of the blue, sparks literally fly between her and her new arch-nemesis-disguised-as-a-client, Slade! So this novel is basically a love-hate relationship with a constant battle of "we-should-we-really-shouldn't". We see the struggles that each of them have with themselves and how they overcome those obstacles in order to open themselves up to fall in love. Aw. There goes my heart!

*          *          *          *          *          *         *

I'm in Love, LoVe, LOVE with Jennifer's novels so far. I have delved into a couple from her Marriage to a Billionaire series and am quite content with how this new Searching For... series is starting! So the little magic book that contains the love spell from the MTAB series is one of a few connections Jennifer makes to her other series. Otherwise, though, we're brought into a new circle of friends all looking for the same thing: love. Searching for Someday is a cute story: just enough sexy with a twist of magic.  As if sexy and magic isn't enough, there's a sweet puppy story tied into it which totally melted my heart. I'm all for rescuing animals so this part of the plot really got to me. The physical connection between Kate and Slade is as sizzling hot as their mental connection. The constant witty banter between the two is amusing and keeps the story going. I can't wait to read the next book in this series (uh-oh, another book to add to my never-ending-constantly-growing pile!!)!

My Rating: 5 stars

The Kindle and Paperback editions of Searching for Someday are available for purchase on Amazon!

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