February 9, 2014

Southbound Surrender by Raen Smith

"Five days. Fifty square feet. One last shot at love."

It's love at first sight for Cash Rowland. He falls hard and fast for Piper Sullivan in his senior year of highschool. By fast, we mean he falls for her in the few days at the beginning of the school year before her dad moves her out of state to finish off her year in California with her aunt...or so he's told. Fast forward five years later, Cash finds out that she's NOT in California...and that she's only a two hour drive away. He shows up at her doorstep and persuades her to hop in his tractor trailer for a five day trip to Miami. Surprisingly (or not?), she agrees and off we embark on a trip where the two (finally) get a chance at what they missed out on five years ago.

Cash Rowland is an awkward guy who's got an obsessive personality. He's book-smart but doesn't have much sense otherwise. He meets a girl and spends an iota of time with her and bases his entire future off of the chance of seeing her again. Gag. It's aww-inducing to some but for me it's kinda like...ok, common, buddy, you didn't even know her. It's one of the main themes of the book. Fate: if it's meant to be, it will happen. I can't picture him as hot, though. No matter what Piper thinks/insists, I tried really hard but I just have this mental image of lanky, nerdy kid spying through a fence =| you get the picture...

Then we have the one and only Piper Sullivan. Your hot blonde with brains to round up the whole package. Sounds like a dream, right? Except she's harbouring a secret. A huge one. One that makes her take off with no details for Cash to find her. Somehow, though, she's got Cash wrapped around her finger--the guy will do ANYTHING for her. She seems to have a good heart but there's just something about these characters that keep them at an arms length.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *

Southbound Surrender was alright. I can't say I really got into the book all that much, though. The writing got a bit awkward at times which made it difficult to really get into it. I also didn't really dig the connection between the characters--he stalked her out of curiosity of her SAT scores and fell in love at the sight of her? The whole her father was the neurosurgeon who slipped up on the job and killed his mom on the day that she was born...well, it was sad, really sad...but it was just too much sob story for me.

My Rating: 2.5 Stars

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