February 9, 2014

Say Forever (Something More Book Three) by Tara West

Alright...we're onto the third book in Tara West's Something More series. I was kind of dreading this one a bit after how the first one ended. I was half-expecting it to be somewhat unfinished and a bit of a letdown. I'm so glad to say that it wasn't a DNF!

The amusing thing is that a year hasn't even elapsed in Christina and Andres' relationship. Andres, though, finally pops the question (not really in the most romantic way, might I add) and Christina, obviously, says yes. So off we are in a whirlwind adventure of planning a shotgun wedding because...duh-duh-duhhhhh Christina is preggers. YEP. ANYWAYS, maybe because this novel is borderline comical to me (yes, because I can totally relate to the wedding drama/disaster Christina and Andres go through), I enjoyed it more than the first. We follow the couple in their ups and downs, both of them dealing with different stresses and realities that a baby and marriage brings. Fortunately, their ever-hot-and-heavy sex life is still as hot as in the first two books in this trilogy :) Keeps you going... I'm not going to say this was my #1 series but it wasn't horrible. I think the trilogy probably could have been condensed into one longer novel.

My Rating: 3.5 Stars

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