February 20, 2014

Saving Quinton by Jessica Sorenson

"That hope can only be gone when someone's heart stops beating. When they take their last and final breath, when they don't come back."

Quinton Carter is a nobody. He doesn't deserve to be somebody--not after what he's done. He was the driver of the car in which his girlfriend, Lexi, and cousin, Ryder, were killed. He's been trying to find a way to end his own life by way of self-destruction. He's turned a big junkie, addicted to crystal meth and he's holed up with Ryder's brother, Tristan, who seems to be on the same destructive path. He's a long ways away from when he met Nova last summer. When Nova gets out of school for the summer, she makes it her goal to try to find Quinton and to try to help him--something she wasn't able to do for her late-boyfriend, Landon. Can she help him or is he way too far down the path to ever go back? Can you really help somebody who doesn't want to be helped?

Nova is the somewhat naive girl we're all familiar with from the first novel in this series, Breaking Nova. In the first novel, she goes through hell and back dealing with the suicide of her then-boyfriend. Having broken free from her great depression, in this book, she's on a mission--a mission to save Quinton from himself. She's gone through it herself and now she's convinced that she can help Quinton get through it, too, if only he would allow her to help him...

Quinton is way damaged goods. We're talking so far down the path there's quite a big possibility that he would end up dead in a few weeks if there were no intervention. As damaged as he is, though, there's that little bit of hope and we see this in the way he really clings onto Nova and what she means to him. Even through all the drugs and bs his life currently is, she can seemingly "brighten" his day. I mean, if he was really that far gone, no one, not even a girl would be able to bring him back... I want to say that he's more lost than anything else. He really just needs someone to guide him towards a better way to grieve the loss of Lexi and Ryder. I'm fairly drawn to his character and want to see how things further develop with him as he seems fairly complex.

Saving Quinton definitely didn't disappoint. I went into this novel wanting more of Quinton and his story and oh boyyyy did I get it. It was heartbreaking, it was disgusting, it was depressing and it was oh-so-painful. Jessica really brings her reader to see things in Quinton's world and it is NOT pretty. I really felt like I was in their world which is not an easy feat in teen novels, I must say. Most of the time you can relate to characters and what not but it's not often you really get pulled into a story as you do in this series. I would say that this was a great continuation of Breaking Nova, I most definitely enjoyed it. The only disappointment was the ending--umm, hi, way to leave me hanging!! When's the next book coming out!!? :)

My Rating: 4.5 Stars

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