July 27, 2016

Love's Learning Curve by Felicia Lynn

College, for most girls, comes with a rite of passage to make mistakes, to live fearlessly, and to experience the real world while not under a microscope. Most girls don’t have to worry about having their every move scrutinized, criticized, and worst of all, publicized. As the only child of the governor of South Carolina and potential US Presidential candidate, Charlotte Maryland Baker is not granted the luxury of the typical college experience.

Tyler Stone lives for baseball and everything that comes with it. The only place he feels he matters is on the pitching mound, and his stats prove he’s an exceptional player. Without the distraction of dating or making friends, he can concentrate on the one thing that makes him feel complete – Baseball.

Opposites attract, or so they say, but what WILL happen when these two opposites collide?

Charlotte and Tyler are as different as they come. Coming from two very different walks of life, they cannot be any more different from each other...yet, their chemistry is off the walls. Maybe it's because she has no presumptions as to his reputation but she really gave him a chance to be Tyler and not his hotshot baseball superstar persona. They really complimented each other with their opposing personalities and I found that it balanced the two of them out. Charlie may be careful and she may take her duties as being the "perfect daughter" seriously but Tyler infuses himself into her life and shows her that there can be life outside of her little bubble His protective, alpha male nature makes me smile as he does everything in his power to make Charlie happy. The novel is a sweet story about two individuals who, despite being from two different walks of life, finding themselves and each other.

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