June 17, 2015

Accidentally in Love by Laura Drewry

Ellie Palmer and cops don’t mix, and getting pulled over by Officer Brett Hale—again—doesn’t help. Neither does being forced to take a safe-driving course with him. Brett’s by-the-book attitude leaves Ellie ice-cold, and his rock-hard body won’t change that. Still, the more time she spends with the guy, the more she finds herself warming up to his unexpected charms.

Even though Brett comes off like a boy scout, Ellie has sparked something he wants badly enough to get him to rethink his past mistakes. But when her ex shows up, Brett makes it his mission to keep Ellie safe in the here and now. His gut tells him the guy’s trouble, and Ellie must agree, because she doesn’t complain when Brett pulls her close. To keep her safe, though, he’ll have to choose between breaking her heart . . . and breaking the rules.

So we have here a story of two very different individuals that are thrown together. Ellie hates everything Officer Brett is on paper (and for somewhat good reason). So when a whole slew of events lead up to her having to spend more time with him, she's super-annoyed. Despite her preconceived notions of him and against her every fibre, Ellie finds herself warming up to Brett the more time she has to spend with him. Brett, who can't help his protective nature, takes it upon himself to keep Ellie safe when her crazy ex shows up in town...but then things get complicated as the lines blur when he goes under cover as her boyfriend and he gets to know her more.

I loved the dynamic between Ellie and Brett. Her hating him and him trying to break through those walls...inevitably leading to her not being able to help herself. It's a cute story. Brett really fills the alpha/protector role really well. He's written in as a damned sexy man (maybe it's because I subconsciously love chivalrous men...)--and one in uniform, at that! The story was well written and easy to get through. It was a good continuation to the series (I previously read Plain Jayne) and I'd definitely read the other books going on these two books.

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