January 19, 2015

White Trash Damaged & A Song For Us by Teresa Mummert

Rocker Tucker White saved down-and-out waitress Cass Daniels from everyone in her life who was hurting her—except herself. In the much-anticipated follow-up to White Trash Beautiful, Teresa Mummert’s New York Times and USA Today bestseller, Tucker and Cass are finally together, but does that mean they get their happy ending? 

Living on a tour bus with your boyfriend’s rock band is nothing like living in a trailer with your drug-addicted mother—except for the drama. After all the pain and grief that marked the beginning of Cass and Tucker’s relationship, they’re finally building a life together—just the two of them, his three bandmates, some groupies, and thousands of screaming fans. And not everyone is as happy about the couple’s reunion as they are. 

The last thing Cass wants to do is create friction within the band—especially when Damaged is on the brink of achieving the success Tucker has worked so hard for. She’s thrilled to finally be with a man who loves and protects her as much as he does. But how can she carve out a place for herself in this new rock star world . . . without being swallowed by the shadow of Tucker’s fame?

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In this highly anticipated follow-up to White Trash Damaged, Cass and Tucker have finally found their happily ever after, but can Eric, the band’s brooding drummer, ever let go of his past and find love?

From a small-town boy with fantasies of superstardom to rock star on tour with the suddenly famous band Damaged, Eric’s life has not been an easy journey. Now he struggles to let go of his past of physical abuse, a past that still haunts him. His anger is causing him to spiral out of control and he risks losing everything he has worked so hard for.

Only one person has ever gotten him to open up about his past: Sarah, the lead singer of Filth, the opening act on their first national tour—a fellow rocker with a confident façade that masks her own painful secrets. But their bands’ rocky past and Sarah’s tumultuous relationship with her bandmate and boyfriend Derek force her to keep Eric at a distance. As their friendship begins to grow into something more, Eric has to find a way to let go of his tortured past, or it could jeopardize his only chance for a happy future...

A Song For Us is available for purchase:

I waited awhile to finish this series because I enjoyed White Trash Beautiful (read my review here) so much. I didn't want to wait for the third book to come out so I waited until they were both out....and then I got caught up in a whole to-read pile and just recently go to read these. Then I fell behind in reviewing. Story of my life. Oh well.

Alright, so White Trash Damaged was a great follow up to WTB. It picks up where WTB ends off--when Tucker saves Cass (literally) from, essentially, what is her life. Knight on white horse sweeps her off into the sunset...which, in Tucker's world equates to sweeping Cass off to join him in his world, with his band and his rock-star life. I loved that, unlike most books that end off in a "and they lived happily ever after" and you don't hear about the characters ever again, we get a second wind of Cass and Tucker. It delves into more development of their two characters and the struggles they have with each other, and themselves. Cass is finally getting to stand up on her own two feet--she's got to figure out if she truly fits (or wants to fit) in this fantasy world Tucker has swept her into. For Tucker, we go through his struggles with him--trying to balance his career and life dream with his feelings for Cass, and their somewhat fragile relationship. I loved this addition to the series. I felt it truly enriched the story as a whole and gave some closure to readers from the first book.

In the third and final book in the White Trash trilogy, A Song For Us, we switch gears and we get a bit darker and angstier than Cass and Tuck's relationship. This book is all about Eric, a bandmate of Tucker's, and Sarah, a member of another band they're touring with. They're both from really messed up pasts (a common theme in this trilogy) and kind of lean on each other to get on with life but in the process they mess each other up. I actually didn't like Sarah for most of the novel. I felt like throwing things at her because she stayed on with her boyfriend, Derek, despite his cheating ways. WHO DOES THAT? We know from her POV that she's totally obsessed with Eric but she can't seem to leave Derek and I can't seem to understand that. Eric doesn't win many more bownie points with me, either. I'm not a big fan of his womanizing ways. Yes, he's trying to distract himself from not being able to have Sarah to himself but I don't agree with him using his band manager, Donna, to distract himself for the time being. I truly felt bad for her. The journey that Sarah and Eric have in this book is a long and torturous one. Though I didn't hate this book, I think I much preferred Tuck and Cass' story...

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