January 12, 2015

Until We Fly by Courtney Cole

Ex-Army Ranger, Brand Killien, has always been good.

A good friend, a good soldier, a good everything. .
The problem is, good hasn’t gotten him anything but a crushed heart.

So after licking his wounds, he decides to move on. And moving on doesn’t include being good anymore.

Bad sounds so much better.

Jaded and detached, Brand is determined to never open himself up to anyone again. It’s not worth the pain. Instead, he becomes closed, hardened, aloof.

But then he’s called back home for a family emergency… a family that he is estranged from. A family that he put out of his mind a long time ago for very good reasons…reasons that involve secrets and pain. Reasons he tried hard to forget.

But home is where the heart is, and it just might be where Brand finds his again.

Why? Because home is where Nora Greene is. A fiery, red-headed spitfire, Nora is a thing from his past. A beautiful, feisty thing. When Brand left, she was away at boarding school.

But she’s back now.

And she wants Brand, scars and all. 

This one's a bit late but better late than never, right? I'm currently catching up on reviewing all the titles I managed to read in 2014 so bear with me!

I couldn't wait for Brand's story in this series and this book was not a disappointment! Brand is just as dark and twisted as I thought he would be. This, of course, made me love him that much more. His dark and self-deprecating nature made you sympathize x22039840935098 with his character. He truly deserved to be happy. So why not Nora?

Nora, actually, I had issues with. I didn't love how desperate she came off as. Throw yourself at a guy...okay, that works. I just felt like, "yeah you like him but there's a line...and you're SO far past that line, you can't see it anymore"!! There's a super slow process of growing into liking her character and I don't mind her once her and Brand reach that ending.

Great series, I most definitely recommend reading the entire thing. That being said, I loved Brand's story. It really gives him what he deserves.

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