October 30, 2014

Hold on Tight by Serena Bell

Fighting for his country gave Jake Taylor’s life shape and meaning. Now as an injured war hero he struggles to find purpose, until he runs into the gorgeous woman he dated briefly—and disastrously—before being deployed eight years ago. Turns out Jake doesn’t just need to figure out how to be a civilian . . . he also needs to learn how to be a dad.

Eighteen, pregnant, and totally lost, Mira Shipley couldn’t track down the soldier who fathered her child, so she put college on hold and focused on making a good life for her son. Now she’s determined to be something more than Sam’s mom, her parents’ daughter, or Jake’s girl—as hot as she finds her old flame’s take-charge attitude in and out of bed. Soon Mira and Jake realize that their passion didn’t disappear when Sam was conceived—and that instead of running away, sometimes it’s better to hold on tight.

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So not only does Jake come back from war with an injury that truly changed his life, but he also gets thrown a big *wtf* when he bumps into Mira, a woman he briefly, many moons ago. I don't know how anyone would handle finding out that they have a child they did not know about. I find that I love stories of soldiers returning home from their duties. I find their struggles add to a story and make them that much more interesting and, for the most part, to read. Hold on Tight does this well. Jake's struggle with learning to live without a leg added to his struggle with learning he has a son gives the story roots and makes it feel more real. Mira and Jake's relationship develops (or, in this case, re-develops) as the book goes on, each dealing with their own struggles to try to make a happily-ever-after work. They do not lack any steam despite their problems, though! Definitely loved this book and recommend it to anyone who loves a good romance laced with an intense army-return storyline.

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