July 28, 2014

His Reverie by Monica Murphy

I knew from the moment I first saw her she was the one. The only girl I could ever want.

The only girl I could ever love.

She is light.

I am darkness.

She is innocent.

I’ve done too much.

She is good.

I am bad.

She is my every dream.

I should be her every nightmare.

We come from different worlds. She’s…perfect. And I’m…


Somehow she wants me anyway. So we’ll grasp at what we can. We’re going to make this summer count. She’s my secret. And I’m hers.

The problem with secrets is they never last for long. And when others discover we’re together, they’ll do whatever it takes to keep us apart. All I know is: I won’t let them.

Because Reverie Hale? She’s mine.

Nick gets out of jail after being unjustly convicted. He has lost any and everyone close to him and is trying to start a new life. Guy meets girl who happens to be his boss' daughter. Sounds like the mixture of a great story. I wasn't the most impressed. I think, partially, because of the character of Reverie--she's REALLY young and naive whereas Nick is very...well, not. It makes for an awkward relationship between the two and, thus, a bit of an awkward read. The story is told in both Nick and Reverie's POVs--Reverie's in the form of diary entries--which is different and pretty neat BUT I felt like I was reading a twelve-year-old's diary...There isn't much development of other characters, either. There's Michael, Nick's colleague--he doesn't serve much purpose in the story and then there's Nick's ex-girlfriend plays a very specific role but it seems like the second she did what she needed to do for the story, she gets dropped. 

Though I didn't fall in love with Nick and Reverie (the chemistry just isn't there for me), I am still interested in finding out what's going on at the Hales' home and whether or not Nick gets pinned again. If you're not one for cliffhanger endings, this one's not for you (well, not until the next installment comes out)! 

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