April 7, 2014

Hot and Bothered by Kate Meader

A Fire They Can't Put Out...

Although her baby boy keeps her plate full, Jules Kilroy is ready to take her love life off the back burner. Despite a bevy of eligible bachelors, it's her best friend, Tadeo DeLuca who's fueling her hormones with generous servings of his mouth-watering Italian sexiness. But Jules learned her lesson once before when she went in for a kiss, only to have Tad reject her. She's vowed never to blur the lines again...

After a lifetime of excuses and false starts, Tad has finally opened a wine bar, a deal made even sweeter when Jules joins his staff. Lovers come and go, and he's had his share, but friendships like theirs last forever. Still, ever since he tasted her luscious lips, he can't stop fantasizing about what could be. Then she signs up for an online dating site--and the thought of his Jules with another man makes Tad's blood boil. Even if he gets burned, Tad can't stop himself from turning up the heat this time.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *

I feel like I was already somewhat familiar with the characters from the Hot in the Kitchen series since I read the first two books already. Jules and Tad were mentioned here and there so I felt like I already knew about them. Boy was I wrong! Kate has given these two such a rich story. From Jules' shocking arrival and announcement of her son (and "unknown" father) to Tad's deep and depressing past, Kate has really given us a juicier story than the last two books in this series. 

Juliet Kilroy, sister/half-sister of Jack and Shane is in Chicago starting a fresh page. She's left her past in London and is starting anew as a mom of an eighteen month old boy. She's discovering that she CAN forge her own path and take care of herself and it's nice to see. She comes to terms with herself and learns to realize that she is worthy of the best in life. I love that about her. She's definitely turned herself around from the low-self-esteemed girl that's allowed a learning disability dictate her life.

Taddeo DeLuca may come from a super-Italian family but he's no stranger to being lost, alone and depressed. He finds light in his best friend Jules and her son. He doesn't believe that he deserves to live a happy life but he, almost too late, begins to accept that maybe he can move on from the death of his parents. 

It's heartwarming to see two "lost" souls help each other forge a future and awesome life together. Hot and Bothered was definitely worth the read. A nice ending (right? or are there more coming!!?) to the series. The first two in the series were good and third was just a BAM! Loveable and realistic characters are present and the chemistry between the two is just sizzling hot. 

My Rating: 4 Stars - LOVED IT

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