March 18, 2014

Undone by Shannon Richard

Paige Morrison is going through a major life crisis. She lost her job, apartment and boyfriend all in the span of two months. With nowhere else to go, she moves in with her parents in small town Mirabelle, FL. After two months of her arrival, she's still jobless and she's finding it stinking hard to fit into a small, conservative town. Until the one day her car breaks down and Brendan King gets the call to tow her car to the local shop. Brendan is the first friendly person Paige meets since her arrival in Mirabelle. He hooks her up with a job at the local funeral home and things start to fall into place for Paige. Do Paige and Brendan get their happily ever after?

Paige is a city girl who's just had the rug pulled from under her. She's lived her whole life in Philadelphia but a string of unfortunate life events force her to move back in with her parents in small-town Mirabelle. She doesn't quite fit in--her outspoken nature and different style has made her stand out and not in a good way. Her parents' neighbour thinks she's a promiscuous, drug-taking hippie; some of her superiors at work have it out for her and she's been under attack by the town-gossip. All this doesn't get her down, though, which I love about her. She stands up for herself regardless of the crap she gets for doing it (she comes off as a real bitch to those she doesn't like) which is refreshing. She's got a sass-mouth, too, which is great entertainment value!

Brendan is the hot mechanic who happens upon Paige on the day he picks up her call for a tow. They don't exactly hit it off (thanks to Paige's sarcastic nature?) but he definitely takes an interest in her right off the bat. He's got his own bone to pick with the small town of Mirabelle, though he's lived there all his life. He has experience with the good ol' gossip mill so he sympathizes with Paige and offers to be the first friendly face she encounters. One thing leads to another and he's no longer just THE hot mechanic, he's HER hot mechanic lol. He's a noble, stand-up guy and his actions prove his character time and time again. I think that being raised by his grandparents did this country-boy some good. 

I liked what Shannon Richard did with Undone. It's a cute, country love story with an edge of sexy--big city girl meets small town guy and they fall in love. I love stories like this. I didn't expect the twists and turns it took which made the story so much better. I think about a third into the novel I was wondering *ummm. so they're together now...and they're now what?* lol. Didn't see any of that coming so it kept me on my toes for sure! 

My Rating: 4 Stars

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