July 23, 2018

Where the Sea Takes Me by Heidi R. Kling

For Sienna Jones, the last two years have felt like two lifetimes. 

Now, she’s finally starting to move on, diving headfirst into humanitarian missions with Team Hope, schoolwork, and maybe sort of even love. 

Things are looking up.

But then he arrives on her doorstep, the boy she left behind, and the sight of him shakes Sienna to the core.

Sparks fly. It's like no time has passed since she left him on the beach two years ago. Now she's torn between the new life she’s fought so hard to build, and the possibility of one she thought she’d never have. 

When they're both invited to join Team Hope on a mission in Cambodia, they jump at the chance to help. But when they lose their group and maybe each other, Sienna’s forced to make an impossible choice... and say goodbye to someone she loves one last time.

A different kind of story in the sense that it ties in and brings to light some current events/social issues not normally touched upon in your "usual read". It was a welcome change, yet, at the same time makes you a bit sad that there are still these issues in the world. Not having read the first book in this series, I jump into the story where Sienna is finally starting to let go of a life-changing fling she had with a boy she met in Indonesia two years ago. That is, until he suddenly reappears in her life, in HER world (back home in the states). They embark on another adventure, this time to Cambodia, where they are faced with a whole new beast--the sex trafficking industry. The two take on this whole new world and a second chance at their relationship in this emotionally packed tale. Their second chance story was so intense, I'm quite interested in reading their original story! Where the Sea Takes Me is a good read for those who are bored of the meet-cute-happily-ever-after cycle and are looking for something a little more without taking too much of the romance out of the equation!

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