July 10, 2017

All or Nothing at All by Jennifer Probst

Tristan Pierce left the family business to carve out a life of his own, but never forgot his passionate affair with the much younger, inexperienced Sydney Green, or the hurtful break-up that tore him apart. When he’s forced to return home and face his past, will he be able to carve out a future, or will lies ruin his second chance at love?

Sydney Green loved Tristan her entire life, but when he left, he took not only her heart, but her trust with him. Now that they’re together again, it’s time they both face the biggest secret of all

All or Nothing At All is available for purchase:

This third installment of the Billionaire Builders series does not disappoint in the slightest. Sydney and Tristan have a history and that history is what keeps this book twisting and turning. Tristan returns to town and finds that he's never forgotten the girl he left behind. What he doesn't know is that Sydney not only hasn't forgotten him, either, but has a huge secret that she's been keeping from him since he skipped town. The chemistry hasn't fizzled out between the two of them in the least and that is where our story starts. Probst's ability to carve a beautiful story shows in this story of second chances and facing one's past. Tristan is a complicated man who needs to come to terms with his grief over the loss of his mother. Sydney finds herself in a difficult position after life throws Tristan back into the carefully constructed life she's set up for herself and her daughter. The two of them together makes for a twisted tale of sorting out their past and figuring out if there can be a future. Fantastic story, once again, captivating from the first chapter. This series hasn't been a disappointment at all!

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