April 27, 2016

You Can't Catch Me by Cassie Mae

My body suuuucks. After lounging around on my butt all summer (okay, so maybe that was my bad), this body decided to become something completely foreign. So now I’m trying to make the track team and I feel like I’m a baby learning to walk again. 

A couple pounds wouldn’t have been so bad. Work those off, run like a mad woman, no problem, yeah? But no. I’ve also developed a couple of things that I definitely didn’t have before. And now my guy friends are all sitting in a pool of drool as they not-so-subtly stare at my chest. 

Combine all that drama with the fact that the new track coach is getting major flack for being a little chunky, and all I’m trying to do is convince the team that I’m not running slower because of her coaching style. 

Oh, and did I mention that I’m totally falling face-first in “like” with some guy I met in a cemetery? And no one understands it just because he’s also a little chunky. But he’s also adorable and wonderfully weird and I don’t care what they say, his look sure does it for me. 

But… I don’t know… how can I be in “like” with someone, when I have no clue how to like myself anymore?

You Can't Catch Me is available for purchase now on Amazon

There's something to be said about books that really speak to you. They don't come often but when they come, they hit you like a a tonne of bricks. You Can't Catch Me was that book for me. I don't know what it was but it just got to me. Cassie teaches a lesson about something I think just about every teen goes through and she does it so well. Through Ginger and Oliver, she voices a beautiful story through a heck of a lot of humour. In true Cassie style, this book is not short of any laughs. The awkwardness of Oliver and the insecurities of Ginger give the characters a sense of depth and realism. The two of them mesh and balance each other in the cute, high school sweetheart sort of way. They meet in a graveyard, converse using Post-Its and embrace each other's quirkiness. The story itself is super sweet, hilarious and well written. It's been awhile since I've come across a book that is meant to be passed on to all your friends, daughters, granddaughters, etc. but You Can't Catch Me is definitely one of those books.

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