November 20, 2015

Wolf Bait by Nina West

When life turns to hell, most people talk about running away. Abbi Mitchell actually does it. Determined to escape her humiliating heartbreak and her overbearing mother, Abbi takes a summer job at a resort in Alaska. It's supposed to be four months of snow-capped mountains, peaceful wilderness, and figuring out if she should wait for her lifelong sweetheart to come back, as he has promised he'll do.

Instead, it's Henry Wolf.

Owner of the luxury hotel chain, Henry Wolf is cool and composed, successful with everything he touches, and undeniably beautiful. And for some reason Abbi can't fathom, he wants her—the farm girl from small town, USA with no corporate experience—as his personal assistant.

Abbi scrambles to meet his professional demands while she battles her growing attraction to him. Physical feelings she shouldn't have because he's her boss, because she's way out of her league with him, and because they'll never be reciprocated.

Until they are.

Will Abbi be able to let go of herself—her values, her dreams, and her inhibitions—to give him all that he's demanding of her?

Starting the book off with Abbi running away to get away from an ex that I would have kicked to the curb from the get-go wasn't the greatest way to capture my interest. I started off thinking she was not the brightest crayon in the box...she doesn't prove me wrong, either! Abbi is super naive and I totally feel so bad for her most of the time. When she gets mixed up with Henry Wolf, hot-shot-experienced-alpha-male-lead, it's just a train wreck waiting to happen. I think I expected things to blow up a million times before the end of the book. It made the cliffhanger ending seem weak. Loved the book, though. It was like rubber-necking at its finest. I felt totally attracted to the disaster that was Abbi's inexperience and her path to discovering her untouched (pun not intended) sexual side. It was hot. It'll be very interesting to see in the next book when she gets tossed in with the wolves (pun totally intended that time)! The writing was nice and easy to read, the chemistry between Abbi and Henry were unexpectedly hot with a douse of sweetness that you never thought could exist given the kind of guy Henry is. Totally worth the read!

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