July 9, 2015

Blog Tour: Team Lucas by Ally Adams

“I want to stay forever... I want to have you for as long as I can have you Lucas, even if that is a week or a year or a decade.”

Mia Carter never thought getting suspended from her part-time job for having attitude could be the best thing to ever happen ... maybe.

When Lucas Ainswright—one of the world’s biggest sporting stars—needs a minder, it just so happens that attitude is just what is needed to keep Lucas in line.

Now Mia’s job is to manage the sporting world’s bad boy and keep him at the top of his game for the season. Game on!

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I've always had a soft spot for athletes. Especially footie players...I blame it to growing up a die-hard Red Devils fan. Anyways, when I think Lucas Ainswright, I think David Beckham. This novel just got that much better :) So we have the hotshot captain of the Saints being paired up with a strong-minded and driven minder. LOVED how the two characters played off each other. Definitely chemistry right off the bat. I also liked how there was no insta-love here--the relationship developed nice and slowly. It made for a much relateable story.

Mia totally steps up to the plate. She may be young and somewhat inexperienced but she makes up for that in grit and determination to succeed where others have failed before her. I love that she doesn't take shit from anyone regardless of who they are. I think that's what makes her a good match for Lucas' egotistical and defensive nature. She calls him out on his bullshit and keeps him in check, holding him accountable for his actions. She gains the respect of those around her and that's what I like to see in female leads!

The story is a good one. It definitely keeps you wanting more and was easy to get through. Great debut novel by Ally Adams. I didn't love how abruptly the story ended as it left a lot of questions (mainly to do with what happens with Lucas and Mia after they get together). Regardless, still an enjoyable read. Can't wait for the next book in this series!

About the Author

Ally Adams is a journalist who lives in coastal Victoria, Australia with her husband and furry friends. She is a literature major, romance reader and writer.

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