September 4, 2014

Blog Tour: Had To Be You by Juliet Chatham

When Rory Finn first left behind the familiarity of her quiet, picturesque hometown to pursue a professional career in the city after college, her intention was to focus on the future—until a jarring bit of unwelcome news forces her to face the past. What if her first love could actually still be the true love of her life? There’s just one little problem with the timing of this revelation. He is about to marry someone else.

As she embarks upon an impulsive, desperate bid to win him back, her mission turns into an unexpected and emotional journey of rediscovery. With both humor and heartbreak, the story itself transitions from past to present, exploring a small history of love from its tentative beginnings to what may just turned out to be its final bittersweet end.

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"She might break his heart again and again, but nothing could ever change the fact it would always be hers to break."

I think there is one wedding invitation that I never want to receive. The thought of ever having to receive that invitation made me really feel for Rory at the beginning of this story. Would I up and go home to face my past? Probably not (but I'm also at a different stage of life), but good on her for doing it! It was very easy to like Rory and Matt together. Their sarcastic relationship and just the ease of which they fall in step with each other regardless of how much time has passed since they last saw each other is enviable.

At times, I felt like Rory was a bit TOO desperate but, by the same token, Matt didn't seem too far off from being on the same page as her. The flashbacks were a bit odd to get used to because there were so many of them and they were in no particular chronological order but they really gave Rory and Matt a (hot) history. The depth was there and the feelings were more than there. By the end of it, I really felt for Rory. Who doesn't want "meant to be" to actually "be"!!? The flashbacks definitely served as a good case for Rory's standpoint. Why fight it, Matt? I sort of felt bad for Amanda for being jilted at the altar but felt less bad for her as HER story unfolded...

Had To Be You was a great read--perfect for the beach/cottage getaway. Sweet, heart-wrenching at times and easy to get through. 

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A lifelong New Englander, I divide my time between the North Shore and Cape Cod. My favorite things are beaches, boats, books, bars, the Boston Red Sox and boys, but not necessarily in that order. Consequently, you’ll probably find that these are the things I write about, too.

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