August 15, 2014

Pieces of Broken Time by Lorenz Font

When Blake Connor returns from Afghanistan, he wants nothing more than to hide from the world. He’s plagued by the memory of his best friend’s death and the pain of his own injuries. That same friend’s dying wish is just one more burden he must carry.

Jennifer Owens had expected to get married the moment her fiancé returned from the war, but the news of his death changed everything. When an unexpected letter arrives a year later, it raises new questions and opens old wounds. Her search for answers leads her to Blake’s doorstep.

Although Blake seems determined to keep her at arms’ length, Jennifer recognizes the beauty that lies beneath his scars and confronts him with the truth. Nothing will ever be the same for this broken ex-Army Ranger, but he must overcome his warped self-image and emotional scars if he’s going to be the man Jennifer deserves.

I think the first thing that comes to mind when I read books like these is how sad and tragic it is that there's still such a thing as warfare going on anywhere in the world. All the lives that are (negatively) affected by this whether in an instant or forever altering someone's life is senseless. Take Blake and Trent in this novel--Trent doesn't survive and Blake is injured only to survive but be forced to live a severely altered life. Then there's Jennifer--her life is changed forever when her fiance is ripped away from her. Right. So we've established that this book is indeed, really sad.

Besides the sadness factor, it was also twisted. Not in a bad way but it's funny how life works out. Jennifer and Blake, though they fight it, end up together and it seems like it was meant to be with their feelings for each other mirroring each other but neither of them wanted to face Trent with the truth. It was a bit farfetched at the same time. It was odd to read on and on about how much Blake is physically suffering but then he's more than a-ok to have sex with Jennifer in the shower (which, common, is physically exerting...)! I felt like most of the story was fairly cut and dry. The chapters jumped and it felt that it was disjointed at times. I'm generally a fan of military themed stories so PoBT served that just fine. My mind wasn't blown by this book but it wasn't too hard to get through, either. 

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