May 3, 2014

Plain Jayne by Laura Drewry

Having lived most of her adolescent life thinking that her grandmother loathed her existence, Jayne Morgan is super confused when she's left everything her grandmother owned. She returns to her childhood home to sort things through and finds herself going through an emotional rollercoaster trying to understand the bits and pieces her grandmother had left behind. 

The first person Jayne bumps into when she gets home is her former best friend, Nick Scott. Though the two of them had spent years and miles apart, Nick has always loved Jayne to pieces. So how awkward was it when Nick insisted that she bunk with him while she restored her grandmother's apartment/store front? Only awkward for Jayne, apparently! With the help of Nick, Jayne is determined to reopen her grandmother's book store and create a home for herself. All the while, she has to deal with her feelings for Nick that haven't seemed to subside over the years. Nick doesn't seem to see it, though, so she's got to deal and move on. The more time they spend together, the more she realizes she feels for Nick, so does Nick wake up in time to realize what he's got in front him? Or does Jayne move on, without him? 

As much as I love a good story about friends falling in love, I didn't love how stupid Nick seemed to be. Yes, I get it, he's male but it doesn't excuse his behaviour. From the beginning, we see that Nick is completely disrespects his current girlfriend, Lisa. Then we go on to see how he completely disregards anybody's feelings except for his own!! I totally don't think he deserved Jayne's love in any sort of way. Jayne, however, I couldn't help but feel sorry for from the get go. She came from a relationship that went totally awry to a town where she has to face people from a past she wanted nothing but to get away from. She rises, though, and I love that. 

Plain Jayne was a cute story about the girl next door who, as always, gets overlooked until she grows up and, just before it's too late, she rises above and lands her guy. It was an easy read to get through, though, there were some parts that baffled me (why was it necessary to go through Maya destroying her home?). 

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