July 18, 2013

Friday Night Alibi by Cassie Mae

We've all gone through the point in our lives when we need an alibi to go out with that cute guy that the parentals don't approve of. Well, the heroine of this story, Kelli, has the right idea--banking off the rest of us. At a nominal fee, Kelli will be the alibi for her friends on a given Friday night. All is well for Kelli's...until she meets Chase. Enter the cute guy with the attitude--you know, the annoying one that's sooooo sure of himself. The one that Kelli denies any attraction to but is secretly crushing on. So secret that she can't admit it to herself! The more time she spends with him, the messier things get as Kelli goes through the familiar mind over heart battle we've all gone through. Which wins in the end for her?

A cute story written in a way that makes it easy to fall into--it's as if one is reading a play-by-play a friend is writing to them. Both Kelli and Chase are easy to relate to, though, it would have been nice if the author gave us a bit more on Chase. He's a bit too mysterious (and, no, the one page dedicated to "solving" his mystery at the end of the book isn't enough!). The ending seems a bit rushed and eager to tie up loose ends but an overall enjoyable read! I'd definitely pack this one for the beach.

Kindle edition of Friday Night Alibi will be available on amazon.ca July 29, 2013!

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